General Pool Classroom Requests

This site is for faculty/staff only. Students requesting any space on campus must submit a request via Events Management.

Requests by faculty/staff for scheduling any event (academic, non-academic) in a General Pool Classroom are now requested via 25Live.

This site is used by faculty/staff for two types of requests:

  1. To move a currently assigned General Pool classroom to another General Pool classroom.
  2. To hold an event in a General Pool classroom. 

Please note the following:

  1. Make your request a minimum of one week before you need the classroom.
  2. Except for review sessions for a current academic class, no event will be scheduled in General Pool classrooms during finals.
  3. No events will be scheduled in General Pool classrooms for any term, until academic courses are assigned a classroom for that term.
  4. Academic Events take priority over non-academic events; thus, should the need arise, some non-academic events may be moved to another classroom once scheduled.
  5. No event is to be scheduled for student meetings/gatherings/organizations, etc. Contact Events Management for these requests.
  6. Restricted classrooms do not appear in 25Live. Requests for the use of these classrooms remains the same, i.e., contact the appropriate college/school/department for use to restricted classrooms.
  7. Should your event need catering, make your event space request and once the classroom is confirmed, contact Events Management for your catering needs.


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