Sheng Cai
Laboratory Supervisor/ NMR Facility Manager
Phone: 414-288-4490

NMR Facility at Marquette

Located in the basement of Todd Wehr Chemistry building, the NMR facility own three state-of-the-art instruments: Mercury-300, NMR System-400 and NMR System-600.

(1) Varian Mercury-300

Mercury-300 is mainly used by organic chemists for simple 1D 1H and 13C experiments. It is reliable and easy to use. It is also equipped with a sample changer for automation.

(2) NMR System-400

This brand new spectrometer was purchased recently for more advanced NMR experiments. It features:

(3) NMR System-600 with a cryoprobe

This powerful instrument is also a brand new system. Equipped with a 1H/13C/15N cryoprobe, it is designed for biomolecular NMR experiments. Other experiments can also benefit from the high sensitivity of the cryoprobe. This instrument also equipped with a room temperature three-channel tunable probe. The third channel is tunable to other nuclei (such as 11B, 2H, 15N, 57Fe, etc).

Chemical Proteomics Facility at Marquette (CPFM)

The NMR facility is a part of the Chemical Proteomics Facility at Marquette (CPFM).

The mission of CPFM is to enable the structural characterization of protein-ligand interactions in a broad (proteome-wide) manner. The purpose of such studies is to extract maximum value from recently available genomic information. To accomplish this goal, NMR, computational and related resources are being made available.

Computational Resources

Computational resources in CPFM include Sun and SGI workstations and access to a Beowolf cluster. On-site software is available, including:




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