John Liao


John Liao
Associate Tech Director
Alcon Laboratories
Phone: 817-551-8869


John Liao received a PhD degree in organic chemistry under the direction of Professor Norman E. Hoffman in 1977. Over the past twenty-four years, I have worked for Georgia Tech, University of Missouri, Miles Laboratories, Dey Laboratories and Alcon Laboratories. I have been with Alcon for the past 21 years and am currently the Associate Technical Director. The training from Marquette was very solid and helped me to develop my career. My job function is to provide research analytical support for the development of ophthalmic medicine, lens care products, intraocular lenses and surgical irrigating solution.

My wife, Julia, is a registered nurse practicing women oncology nursing. All three children received a B.S. degree in chemistry. The oldest, Aaron, is a pharmaceutical chemist at Merck. The younger son, Albert, is working on a therapeutic optometry degree. My daughter, Alice, is a school teacher. The Liaos are all doing well. Thanks for my teachers at Marquette University.


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