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Professor James Kincaid



Research Group Members

Dr. James Kincaid

Professor James R. Kincaid
B.S.: Xavier University
Ph.D.: Marquette University
NIH NRSA: Princeton University

Active Collaborations with:
Professor Aditi Das (U. Illinois)
Professor Patrick Farmer (Baylor University)
Dr. Anabella Ivancich (Saclay, France)
Professor Andrew Munro (Manchester, England)
Professor Stephen Sligar (U. Illinois)
Professor Thomas Spiro (U. Washington)
Professor Robert Tuckey (U. Western Australia)
Professor Lucy Waskell (U. Michigan)

Dr. Piotr Mak

Dr. Piotr J. Mak: Senior Research Associate
M.S. and Ph.D.: Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland)

Current Research Efforts:
1. CYPs 17, 19, 119 and 2B4.
2. Mammalian peroxidases.
3. Preparation and structural characterization of reactionintermediates of hemoglobin metal hybrids.

Ying Wang

Ms. Ying Wang: Graduate Student
B.S. and M.S.: Wuhan University (China)

Current Research Efforts:
1. CYP2B4 enzymatic intermediates.
2. Peroxo- and hydroperoxo- forms of myoglobin and its site-directed mutants.

Qianhong Zhu

Ms. Qianhong Zhu: Graduate Student
B.S.: Bejing University of Clothes Technology
M.S.: University of Minnesota-Duluth

Current Research Efforts:
1. CYP11A1 and its interaction with its natural reductase, adrenodoxin.
2. Preparation and structural characterization of reaction intermediates of hemoglobin metal hybrids.

Remigio Usa

Mr. Remigio Usai: Graduate Student
B.S.: University of Zimbabwe

Current Research Efforts:
1. NMR interrogation of substrate binding to isotopically labeled CYP101.
2. Preparation of CYP2D6 and structural characterization of its enzymatic intermediates.

Yilin Liu

Ms. Yilin Liu: Graduate Student
B.S.: Liaoning University (China)

Current Research Efforts:
Structural charactierization of nanodisc-associated CYPs 2J2 and 5A1.

Bocheng Wu

Mr. Bochen Wu: Undergraduate Researcher

Current Efforts:
Acquiring skills to express and purify several types of heme proteins and to prepare their CO and dioxygen adducts.

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