Steve Heck


Steve Heck
CNS Medicinal Chemistry
Pfizer Global R&D
Phone: 860 441 5650


After graduating from Marquette in May 1991 with a  B.S. in Chemistry, I relocated to Groton, CT to accept a position with Pfizer Global Research and Development. Since then, I have been working as a synthetic organic chemist in the department of Neuroscience Medicinal Chemistry, where I have contributed to a number of drug discovery programs in the areas of neurodegeneration and psychotherapeutics.

In addition, my research interests have focused on protein chemistry and enzymology studies aimed at understanding posttransational amino acid epimerization in
naturally-occurring peptides (see Heck, et al. (1994) Science 266, 1065-1068). It has been a truly rewarding experience for me to apply my Marquette education to helping others live longer and more healthy lives through the discovery of breakthrough medicines.


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