We are very proud of our alumni and wish to acknowledge some of them here.

Steven W. Anderson Steven Anderson
Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
M.S. Chemistry, Class of 1981
Read Dr. Anderson's biography.

Dr. William F. BanholzerWilliam F. Banholzer
Research Professor and
Honorary Fellow, Chemistry Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sr. Advisor, Wisconsin Energy Institute
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1979
Read Dr. Banholzer's biography.

Michael R. Chaney Michael R. Chaney
Chemistry Teacher
Marquette University High School
B.S. and M.S. Chemistry, Classes of 1968 and 1970
Read Mr. Chaney's biography.

Philip CrawfordPhilip Crawford
Chair and Associate Professor
Chemistry Department
Southeast Missouri State University
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1991
Read Dr. Crawford's biography.

David Diehl David Diehl
Senior Scientist and Manager
Corporate Technology Initiatives
PPG Industries, Inc.
Ph.D. Chemistry
Read Dr. Diehl's biography.

Mark DrezdzonMark Drezdzon
Research & Development
RSR Technologies, Inc.
B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics, Class of 1980
Read Dr. Drezdzon's biography.

John Eisch John Eisch
Professor, Department of Chemistry
State University of New York at Binghamton
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1952
Read Dr. Eisch's biography.

Robert GadwoodRobert Gadwood
Chief Executive Officer
Kalexsyn, Inc.
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1974
Read Dr. Gadwood's biography.

Steve Heck Steve Heck
Scientist, CNS Medicinal Chemistry
Pfizer Global Research and Development
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1991
Read Mr. Heck's biography.

Azad HossainAzad Hossain
Senior Research Chemist, Global Pharmaceuticals R&D Division
Abbott Laboratories
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1992
Read Dr. Hossain's biography.

Chandra Jayakody Chandra Jayakody
Research & Development Scientist
Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc.
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1994
Read Dr. Jayakody's biography.

Brett KisselaBrett Kissela
Chair and Professor
Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
UC Health
B.S. (Hons.) Chemistry, Class of 1991
Read this article about Dr. Kissela's work.

Henry Kwan Henry K.H. Kwan
Kwan Consulting LLC
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1971
Dr. Kwan received the 2011 Professional Achievement Award from Marquette University.

Joseph T. LeoneJoseph T. Leone
DeWitt Ross & Stevens, S.C.
M.S. Chemistry, Class of 1990
Read Mr. Leone's biography.

John LiaoJohn Liao
Associate Tech Director
Alcon Laboratories
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1977
Read Dr. Liao's biography.

Nancy Noeske Nancy R. Noeske
Noeske and Associates
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1959
Dr. Noeske received the 2011 Distinguished Alumna of the Year from Marquette University.

Jaclyn PabstJaclyn Pabst
Forest Hills Eastern High School
B.S. Teaching Chemistry, Class of 2004
Read Ms. Pabst's biography.

Joe Piatt Joseph Piatt
Associate Professor
Chemistry and Environmental Science
Carroll University
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1989
Read about his Carroll College Faculty Award.

Asirur Rahman Asirur Rahman
Senior Research Chemist
Nalco Chemical Company
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1989
Read Dr. Rahman's biography.

John Schaefer John C. Schaefer
Strategic Advisor
NBI Systems
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1966
Dr. Schaefer received the 2013 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year from Marquette University.

Anthony Sommese Anthony Sommese
Research Scientist
Applications Research
Nalco Chemical Company
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1989
Read Dr. Sommese's biography.

Ken Welch Kenneth J. Welch
Research Associate
Analytical Product Research
S. C. Johnson
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1991
Read Dr. Welch's biography.

Lou Winter Lou Winter
Wayne Pigment
B.S. Chemistry, Class of 1950
Read Mr. Winter's biography.

Thomas Xue Thomas Xue
Senior Product Development Engineer
Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division
3M Company
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 1996
Read Dr. Xue's biography.

Jin Zhu Jin Zhu
Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Cornell University
Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 2001
Read Dr. Zhu's biography.

If you would like to be listed with our other alumni, please e-mail your information to muchem@marquette.edu.


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