Jier Huang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Physical and Materials Chemistry
(414) 288-3537
E-mail: jier.huang@marquette.edu

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Professor Huang received her B.S. degree in Chemistry from Lanzhou University (China) in 2001, an M.S. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Lanzhou in 2004, and her Ph.D. degree from Emory University in 2010 working under the direction of Prof. Tianquan Lian. Her interests in biomimetic photosynthetic and photovoltaic materials led her to postdoctoral research at Argonne National Laboratory. She joins the faculty at Marquette as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2013.

Research Interests

Solar energy is one of the best solutions to meet future energy demands because it is the most abundant and sustainable natural energy source. Because of its promising applications, there is a growing desire to develop effective strategies for direct harvest and conversion of solar energy into a usable energy format. There are two different strategies for solar energy conversion: direct conversion of solar energy into electricity through a photovoltaic cell and direct conversion of sunlight into fuel by artificial photosynthesis. The research in our group focuses on the development of cutting edge new materials for photovoltaics and artificial photosynthetic systems utilizing a unique approach by combining hybrid synthesis with advanced state-of-art characterization. The ongoing research explicitly targets:

The research in our group is the convergence of physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, material science, and physics. Both graduate and undergraduate students will be actively integrated and have multidisciplinary training in all aspects of the research listed above. The students will be exposed to a wide range of state-of-art techniques for synthesis and characterization that are available on campus, including UV-vis, FTIR, electrochemistry, Gas Chromatography and time-resolved optical spectroscopy. Special structural characterization using synchrotron based X-ray techniques is conducted at the world-class user facilities which are available in National Laboratories.


There are openings for PhD and undergraduate students as well as postdocs.

Selected Publications


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