Chieu D. Tran


Chieu D. Tran, Ph.D.
Pfletschinger-Habermann Professor

Analytical Chemistry
(414) 288-5428




Professor Tran received his B.S. degree from Kumamoto University in Japan and his Ph. D. from Texas A & M University. He joined Brookhaven National Laboratory as a Staff Scientist in 1982 after spending two years doing post doctoral research at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. He has been on the faculty at Marquette University since 1986.


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Research Interests

Our research involves the development and applications of novel instruments and methods for fundamental studies in analytical chemistry and material science. The overall objective of these studies is to gain insight into complex chemical and biochemical systems and processes as well as to develop novel biomaterials and high performance chemical and biosensors. We are approaching this goal from many different directions. Selected ongoing projects are:



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