A search committee has been named for the next chief of police.

Rana Altenburg, vice president for public affairs, and Mike Broeker, deputy athletic director, are the co-chairs of the search committee, which comprises the following individuals from across campus:

  • Joya Crear (Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs)
  • Brian Dorrington (Assistant vice president of advancement communication, University Advancement)
  • Tracy Gerth-Antoniewicz (Assistant Director of Residence Life Education)
  • Tom Hammer (Associate Professor of Law and Chair of MUPD Advisory Board)
  • Jazzmine Haygood (undergraduate student, College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Ruth Peterson (Captain, MUPD)
  • Stephanie Quade (Dean of Students)
  • Liz Sides (Director of Employment and Employee Relations, Human Resources)
  • Keith Stanley (Executive Director of Near West Side Partners and member of MUPD Advisory Board)
  • Lucas Torres (Associate Professor of Psychology)