Anaerobic Treatment Short Course 2021

ONLINE: Anaerobic Treatment of High-Strength Industrial Wastes 

Three Consecutive Thursday Mornings, Sept. 9, 16, and 23, 2021 - 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM via Microsoft Teams



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About the Course

For 2021 – the course will be offered online via Microsoft Teams

If you deal with high-strength industrial wastes or are involved in operation and design of anaerobic treatment processes, this course is intended for you.

This short course has been designed to walk you through the processes of anaerobic treatment, from fundamental principles to case histories. The case history presentations will demonstrate anaerobic technologies in industrial settings and allow for questions regarding specific problems encountered and solutions developed.

Course size is limited to 250 attendees.


Those attending will learn 

  • Anaerobic treatment fundamentals
  • Anaerobic microbiology fundamentals
  • When and how to use biogas
  • System configuration and technology selection
  • Design, construction and start-up guidelines
  • Options available for operating, monitoring and troubleshooting

Who should attend 

  • Plant managers and plant engineers
  • Environmental staff of companies that generate wastewater
  • Engineers involved with pretreatment of wastewater
  • Planners and designers of anaerobic processes
  • Engineers and plant operations personnel for municipalities
  • Graduate students in environmental science and engineering


Continuing education credits

Course attendees earn approximately 1.1 continuing education unit or 11 PDHs for professional engineering continuing education requirements.


"A good mix of textbook, research and practical presentations. I also enjoyed the networking and exchange of ideas." - Robert Rosdil SS, Waste Treatment Specialist, Bush Brothers & CO., Dandridge, Tenn.

“This course is an excellent way to jump-start your knowledge.  My team already applied knowledge from the class to our recent wastewater plant startup.  Along with the technical knowledge, we also built valuable networking contacts from other industries.”  - Tom Murphy, Effluent Treatment Plant Manager, Liberty Paper, Becker, MN



Course Speakers

Dr. Richard E. Speece, P.E.

Dr. Richard E. Speece is Centennial Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Emeritus at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN). Dr. Speece has over 50 years of environmental engineering research and teaching experience. He is recognized as an international leader in the development of improved anaerobic biotechnology for industrial and municipal wastewater applications and is among the founding researchers who extended anaerobic bioprocesses to treat industrial wastewater and other challenging wastes. He has contributed seminal research results describing the micronutrient needs of methanogenic biomass, biodegradation of toxic and other difficult-to-degrade wastes, and reactor staging as well as process design to increase the rate and extent of biogas production.  Dr. Speece is the author of the comprehensive book, “Anaerobic Treatment and Odor/Corrosion Control for Municipalities and Industries,” Archae Press (2008).


Mr. Dennis Totzke, P.E.

dennisDennis Totzke, P.E.  is a leading consulting environmental engineer with over 39 years of experience in water/wastewater management, treatment and anaerobic biotechnology applied to industrial and municipal waste. He has extensive experience in the analysis, design and start-up of industrial and municipal anaerobic digestion systems, sludge thickening and dewatering systems, and instrumentation, control and electrical systems. Mr. Totzke's experience has spanned many industries, including food and beverage, meat and poultry, pulp and paper, and more. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Marquette University.



Dr. Daniel H. Zitomer, P.E.

Dr. Dan ZitomerProfessor and chair of civil, construction and environmental engineering and director of the Water Quality Center at Marquette University, Zitomer specializes in wastewater treatment and anaerobic biotechnology. He has more than 30 years of experience consulting with entities such as Jacobs, United Water Services, Liberty Paper and others. Zitomer has authored more than 100 journal articles, proceedings papers and technical reports. He received the 2008 Gordon Maskew Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator Medal from and is a Fellow of the Water Environment Federation for outstanding service in engineering education. He is Chair of the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at Marquette University and presently teaches graduate classes on anaerobic biotechnology and biological wastewater treatment. He has performed research for the National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, State of Wisconsin and others. 




Thursday, September 9, 2021


8:30 – 8:45     Introduction and Welcome

Daniel Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E., Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI


8:45– 9:45      Keynote: How did we get Here? A Brief History of Anaerobic Treatment

Dr. Richard E. Speece, Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


9:45-10:45      Anaerobic Microbiology and Reactor Function

                        Daniel H. Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E., Marquette University


10:45 – 11:00  Break


11:00 – 11:30  Fundamentals of Anaerobic Treatment

                        Patrick McNamara, Ph.D., Marquette University


11:30-12:00    Laboratory Testing to Monitor Your Digester

                        Daniel Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E., Marquette University


12:00-12:15    Networking Event #1 Description

                        Daniel Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E.


12:15- 12:25   Break


12:25 – 1:00    Networking Event #1 (go to breakout rooms)


1:00                 Adjourn for Day 1



Thursday, September 16, 2021           

8:30 – 8:40      Welcome

                        Daniel Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E., Marquette University


8:40- 9:30        Industrial Waste Treatment Technologies

                        Martin Tielbaard, Atpros Inc, Phoenix, NY


9:30 – 10:15    Industrial Waste Treatment Design

                        Dennis Totzke, P.E., Consultant, Delafield, WI


10:15 – 10:30  Break


10:30- 11:00    Process Start-Up, Monitoring and Control

Jeffrey Mummert, M12 Operating Systems, LLC, O’Fallon, MO


11:00 – 11:30  Toxicity in Anaerobic Bioprocesses

Chris Hatch, River Bend Labs, St. Charles, MO


11:30 – 11:40  Networking Event#2 Description

                        Daniel Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E.


11:40-11:50    Break


11:50 – 12:30  Networking Event #2 (go to breakout rooms)


12:30               Adjourn for Day 2



Thursday, September 23, 2021

8:30 – 8:40      Welcome

                        Daniel Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E., Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI


8:40 – 9:20      Biogas Code Compliance, Safety and Use

                        V.P. Tale, Ph.D., P. Eng., Chemtron/Riverbend, St. Charles, MO


9:20 - 9:50       Biogas Quality and Conditioning

                        Dave Broihahn, P.E. and Kim Murdock-Timmerman

                        Unison Solutions, Inc., Dubuque, IA


9:50-10:00      Break


10:00-10:30    Case Study 1: Converting Waste into 100% Renewable, Carbon-Negative Fuels to

Combat Climate Change & Improve Air Quality

                        Ben Bocher, Ph.D., P.E., Amp Americas, Chicago, IL


10:30-11:00    Case Study 2: Failure, Diagnosis, and Recovery of a Food Waste Digester

Dave Ellis, P. Eng., Azura Assoc., Waterloo, Ontario Canada


11:00 – 11:30  Case Study 3: An Unconventional Use of Biogas - The Production of

Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Biopolymers

Anne Schauer-Gimenez, Ph.D., Mango Materials, Redwood City, CA


11:30 - 11:40  Break


11:30 – 12:00  Case Study 4: Anaerobic Treatment at Molson Coors Beverage Facility

Kevin Dickerson, Molson Coors Waste Treatment Plant Chief Plant Operator, Golden, CO


12:00-12:30     Case Study 5: Anaerobic Treatment of Frozen Foods Wastewater

                         Liam Carlin, Simplot Portage, Simplot Canada (II) Ltd.


12:30 – 1:00    Case Study 6: Methanogenesis from Aqueous Pyrolysis Liquid (APL) Through                                        Anaerobic Digestion 

                        Nicholas Benn, Marquette University


1:00 – 1:15      Closing Remarks

                        Daniel H. Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E., Marquette University


1:15                 Adjourn



Registration & Cost


For amount, please enter $400 for full registration. 
If you are a registered college/university student in good standing, then you can enter the student rate of $50. You will be contacted to verify your student standing.

Course registration is limited to 250 attendees. 

Dr. Daniel Zitomer
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(phone) 414-288-5733

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