Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics (SESM)

The structural engineering and structural mechanics area focuses on the planning, analysis, design and construction of various types of structures including buildings, bridges, amusement park rides, and foundations. 



Dr. Stephen Heinrich

Microcantilever-based sensors; elasticity; solid/structural mechanics; mechanics of electronic packaging; mechanics of MEMS devices.

Dr. Ting Lin

Hazard, risk, and uncertainty; Earthquake ground motions; Climate change mitigation and adaptation; Interface between engineering and earth sciences; and Performance-based engineering.

Dr. Baolin Wan

Repair and retrofit structures; FRP composite materials; high performance concrete; prestressed concrete; numerical and experimental modeling; natural fiber reinforced composites.


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Civil, Construction and Environmental

Civil and environmental engineers design and build the infrastructure of civilization: highway systems, airports, water treatment systems, waste treatment systems, buildings, bridges and cities themselves.

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