Transportation Engineering and Materials (TEMA)

The transportation engineering and materials area focuses on engineering analysis and design of urban streets, highways, intersections, interchanges, interstate highways and airports.  This area of study also focuses on pavement engineering and the materials used in the construction of roadways along with traffic engineering (e.g. design, operations and traffic management).



Dr. James A. Crovetti

Analysis of material properties using nondestructive test data; mechanistic pavement design incorporating nonlinear material properties and seasonal effects; laboratory modeling of pavement systems; measurement of lad induced deformation behavior.

Dr. Alex Drakopoulos

Geometric design of highways; traffic operations; accident analysis; human factors.

Students studying in lab

Civil, Construction and Environmental

Civil and environmental engineers design and build the infrastructure of civilization: highway systems, airports, water treatment systems, waste treatment systems, buildings, bridges and cities themselves.

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