Construction Engineering(CNEN)

Construction projects of all types require management as well as the traditional engineering skills. 

Environmental Engineering (ENEN)

The environmental engineering area deals with the control and improvement of human surroundings using principles developed in civil engineering. The environmental/water resources engineer is responsible for conceiving and designing systems for water supply, waste water treatment and disposal, air pollution control, solid and hazardous waste management and design of water resources systems.  

Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics (SESM)

The structural engineering and structural mechanics area focuses on the planning, analysis, design and construction of various types of structures including buildings, bridges, amusement park rides, and foundations. 

Transportation Engineering and Materials (TEAM)

The transportation engineering and materials area focuses on engineering analysis and design of urban streets, highways, intersections, interchanges, interstate highways and airports.  This area of study also focuses on pavement engineering and the materials used in the construction of roadways along with traffic engineering (e.g. design, operations and traffic management).


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Civil, Construction and Environmental

Civil and environmental engineers design and build the infrastructure of civilization: highway systems, airports, water treatment systems, waste treatment systems, buildings, bridges and cities themselves.

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