Coping with Loss Discussion Group

Have you experienced a loss in your life? Are you looking for skills to help yourself manage around the issues of loss? Are you seeking a group of your peers to discuss issues of loss without feeling like you are bringing everyone down? Please join our discussion group, which meets every ever y two weeks for one hour. To learn more about this group and to possibly join, please email Ann Mulgrew or contact Campus Ministry at 414-288-6873. Group meeting times will be decided within the group's availability.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome to participate in all Campus Ministry opportunities including retreats, small groups, and liturgies.

Grief Support

Death in one's family or among friends can be a devastating experience. Campus Ministers are available to anyone from the Marquette community who needs support following a death or other loss.

Hall Ministers

Hall Ministers live in each of Marquette's residence halls in order to provide pastoral care and presence to all staff and residents of the building. In collaboration with the hall staff, the Hall Minister is charged with helping form a residential community that expresses the University's Catholic, Jesuit character, while accompanying individuals dealing with stress, illness, loss, loneliness, relationships, spiritual and emotional health, etc.

LGBTQ and Allied Students

Campus Ministry provides a safe environment and pastoral support for Marquette's lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered/questioning (LGBTQ) & allied students.

Pastoral Counseling

We all have problems now and then ... everything from roommate concerns to family issues. Whether it is a spiritual matter or a personal issue, each member of Campus Ministry is trained to talk with and refer students to available resources to you as you navigate life's journey.

Pregnancy Resources

If you, or someone you care about, is pregnant at Marquette, there are resources both on campus and off to help you. Campus Ministry offers sensitive and initial guidance in navigating through the many decisions ahead. Contact Campus Ministry at 414-288-6873 for more information or to set up an meeting

Project Rachel - Post-Abortion Counseling

Confidential and sensitive post-abortion counseling or counseling for boyfriends/friends of those who have had abortions is available in
Campus Ministry.

Sexual Misconduct Response

Campus Ministry provides services and support to those affected by sexual assault, dating violence or stalking. Assistance following a violent crime is available.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction offers the opportunity to meet regularly with a spiritual director who can listen, accompany, and help to guide your spiritual journey. Typically, directees and directors meet monthly, though some meet more or less frequently. If you would like to explore this opportunity or be matched with a spiritual director, please contact Mary Sue Callan-Farley.

Vocational Discernment

Principles of discernment can be used for any decision, but often come into play particularly when considering major decisions of life and vocation: whether to get married, join a religious order, pursue ordination, and/or live an intentional single life; what field of study to pursue; which career path to travel. Click here for more information.


Campus Ministry

The office of Campus Ministry is located in room 236 of the Alumni Memorial Union. A dedicated staff is available throughout the day to provide you with a wealth of information. If you are searching for a worship space, they can help you find a suitable space on or off campus. They can also inform you of the many service opportunities we offer. Read More ...