Mass at Church of the Gesu



Liturgical Minister Training is held at the beginning of each semester. You are invited to participate in all of the ministries listed below.

Minister of the Altar (altar server)

These women and men serve at our three Sunday liturgies and at all-University liturgies by assisting the presider at the altar and attending to the details of the liturgy. Through their reverent service at the Mass, altar servers act as faithful witnesses within the community.

Minister of Hospitality (usher/greeter)

These students welcome those who gather for worship and help create an worship environment. They also distribute worship aids, coordinate the collection and the offertory procession, assist people to their seat, and prepare the space for the next liturgy. The ministry of hospitality is an important way to embody the spirit of Christian Community.

Minister of the Word (lector)

The proclamation of the Word of God is central to every liturgy.  Lectors lead the community to encounter God through the scriptures.  These women and men are called to proclaim a living Word which speaks to people's lives in a way that comforts and challenges, admonishes and encourages.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Each year, more than 100 students volunteer to be Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist for the Sunday and all-University liturgies. This ministry is about offering the Body and Blood of Christ to those who gather and inviting those who receive the Body and Blood of Christ to be changed into the Body of Christ - the Church. Extraordinary ministers must be fully initiated Catholics and have a dep love for the Eucharist and desire to serve the poor and marginalized.

Liturgy Preparation Team

The Liturgy Preparation (Lit Prep) Team meets with the Liturgy Director on a weekly basis and help shape Liturgy at Marquette. For more information, on this ministry, click here.

Commitment of a Liturgical Minister

Liturgical ministers are responsible and conscientious, fulfilling all assignments. Liturgical minister are asked to adjust personal schedules to help meet the needs of our three Sunday Masses. Liturgical ministry is an expression of stewardship, and is a rewarding opportunity to share your times and talent with the faith community.

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Campus Ministry

The office of Campus Ministry is located in room 236 of the Alumni Memorial Union. A dedicated staff is available throughout the day to provide you with a wealth of information. If you are searching for a worship space, they can help you find a suitable space on or off campus. They can also inform you of the many service opportunities we offer. Read More ...