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The Liturgical Choir Council is a group of devoted members from the choir that work together to enhance the experience of all the members. Retreats, service activities, social outings, and alumni events are among the activities the Liturgical Choir Council plans. If you want to get to know the members of the Liturgical Choir Council, check out their profiles below!

Bridget Sampson: President
Class: Senior
Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology; Minor: Spanish for the Health Professions

“Liturgical Choir is filled with people I am blessed to call my family. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and supportive friends. Sharing my love for music, prayer, and bringing people together with this family is a blessing that I will always treasure.”

Amelle Aldurra: Vice-President
Class: Junior
Major: Psychology

“Liturgical choir has been a part of my journey here at Marquette since the very beginning, I truly believe that it was no mere coincidence that I was lead to this choir. The friendships that I've made are so special and valuable and I truly feel that each choir member is more than just a person I sing with, but a member of this amazing family. Being able to sing at mass with people who I care deeply about has been a great way to grow in faith as an individual and as a community.”

Nick Waszak: Treasurer
Class: Senior
Major: Psychology, Criminology, and Classical Studies

“Liturgical Choir means getting together and enjoying G-d's gift of music with each other and also sharing it with the rest of the congregation. It's learning about your faith through the power of song and enjoying time with friends all the while. Itís fun and itís beautiful.”

Kaley Rohlinger: Secretary/Publicity Chair
Class: Junior
Major: Public Relations

“For me, choir has always been as much about the community as it is about the music. Liturgical Choir has become a source of family and comfort for me, and being on Council allows me to take an active role within an organization that I'm passionate about.”

Brian Martindale: Service Chair
Class: Junior
Major: Biochemistry and Philosophy

“I love lit choir because of the amazing people all coming together to do something they love. We each bring our own individual talents, and when blended together, we can make something beautiful that can also inspire others at mass or at our concerts. And through this, we are able to form our own little family where I know I will always feel welcome.”

Sofi Driscoll: Retreat Chair
Class: First Year
Major: Undeclared

“The Liturgical Choir is my Marquette family. Even though I'd never been in a choir before arriving at Marquette; this group has welcomed me with open arms. I've met the most amazing people; and choir has allowed me to learn SO much about music, friendship, and faith. Being on council has allowed me to be even more involved with this family that has given me so much while doing something I love to do -- retreats. I'm forever grateful for this amazing opportunity.”

Luiz Gabriel Dias Duarte Machado: Historian/Social Chair
Class: Major: Biomedical Sciences; Minor: Biophysics

“Coming to Marquette and being welcomed by Lit Choir was a wonderful experience in my life. The choir was the basis of peacefulness in my college years and the way to continue serving God and my community through music. I am very grateful for our loving community #LitChoirLove”

Christina Hochla: Music Librarian
Class: Junior
Major: Sociology

“Liturgical choir is akin to the best pieces of every version of family imaginable. It's forty other people you can count on to stay with you when times are rough and have a grand ol' time with you when things are going well. This choir has formed my years here at Marquette and will, hopefully, be with me for many years to come. They're the reasons for my biggest smiles and heartiest laughs; I'm so thankful for them.”

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