Subcommittee on Academic Affairs

The SAA is "specifically concerned with the academic affairs of the University, including academic planning, academic calendar, salary, sabbatical programs, grants and fellowships, tenure and promotions, terminations and appeals, faculty handbook, convention attendance and expenses, etc" (from the COF by-laws )

Membership, 2005-2006

Susan J. Lamon, College of Arts and Sciences (2007)

Debra Krajek, College of Communications (2007)

Vikram Cariapa, College of Engineering (2008)

Sandra Ramey, College of Nursing (2007)

William Pink, School of Education (2005)

Moawia Kassab, School of Dentistry (2008)

Larry Nosse, College of Health Sciences (Dec. 2005)

Susan Hopwood, University Libraries (2008)

Steven Taylor, COF Representative (2008)

Scott Dale, At Large Member, Arts and Sciences (2008)


Minutes from SAA Meeting


29 April 2002               12 September 2002      17 October 2002    


10 February 2003        24 February 2003        17 March 2003            20 November 2003


22 January 2004           22 April 2004               8 September 2004       



Draft Proposals


Athletes and Education Draft Proposal


Policy on Faculty Raise Determination Draft Proposal


Works Completed

Guidelines for Program Elimination

Documents originating from this committee and approved by the COF (may need login and password):

Revised Distance Learning Recommendations

New recommendations on use of SCOTs  (see home page for COF follow-up)