Committee on Faculty

Recommendations on Teaching Assessment and Improvement

In an academic setting, assessment is typically used for summative or formative purposes  (1) or both, i.e., used for administrative decisions and/or for faculty improvement. The SAA analysis of the Student Commentary on Teaching (SCOT) form and its development history indicate that the SCOT form was not specifically designed to clearly assess teaching for either purpose. The current University-wide assessment procedure that uses the SCOT form for both summative and formative purposes provides unreliable information for either purpose.
Education and excellence are at the core of the Marquette University mission. As such, systematic quality control measures are needed to ensure that the quality of the educational process is continuously improved.
Consistent with the Marquette mission of fostering professional and personal excellence, the COF believes that: new University-wide assessment procedures that yield information clearly relevant for both summative and formative purposes be designed and implemented. Information in these areas will provide different perspectives needed to evaluate individual teaching and program performance with respect to stated educational objectives.

Specific Recommendations:

Establish a committee (or committees, preferably part of a permanent "center for faculty development") charged with the following:

(1)  Hoyt, D. P. and Pallet, W. H. (1999). "Appraising Teaching Effectiveness: Beyond Student Ratings", IDEA Paper No. 36, IDEA Center, Kansas State University.