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Riding a bike is one thing. Riding safely is another.

That is why the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin offers classes in safe bike riding throughout Milwaukee for anyone 10 and up.

At a recent class at Neighborhood House, 2819 W. Richardson St., Kate Riorden, a biking instructor from the federation, pointed out that, “we are teaching them how to ride safely on the streets.”

An indoor class session was held before the 20 participants were allowed to bike outside. Riorden and another instructor taught the participants safety signals, such as the stop (arm down; palm to the back) and turn signals (right arm extended for a right turn; pointing to the sky for a left turn).

“We go to different [Community Learning Centers] to teach bicycle safety,” Riorden said.

Neighborhood House has about 16 bikes for the participants to use during the program. The center also gives helmets to each of the adolescents involved.

“I like it,” said Tayveon Jones, a class member.

A staff member at Neighborhood House asked him to join the class.

“I signed up for the program. I like it, it’s what I expected,” Cherish Christopher said.

All of the participants knew how to ride a bike beforehand, but they had to walk to 28th and Wisconsin to practice their new skills on the Wisconsin Avenue School playground. One person at a time practiced safety skills on a route created with orange cones.

“They told us we were going to be doing a program,” said Angel Cherry-Austin, who was close to getting a driver’s license, but still decided to take the class.

“It teaches me about the laws of riding a bike. I didn’t know it was this serious. I think I’ll be more cautious of bikers when I’m driving.” | UV


City kids learn bike safety rules| Madelynne Miller

“I signed up for the program. I like it, it’s what I expected.” ~ Cherish Christopher