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Creativity is the mind’s way of displaying the vivid world of imagination.

Just ask Tom Hignite, who has let his imagination soar through his Miracle Homes and an animated film. The combination makes sense to Hignite.

“Home building is ultimately a work of art… I try to make each home I design different than the one before.”

Disney art has greatly impacted and inspired the designs in Hignite’s homes. Construction builders are working on a house that will resemble the Disneyland train station featuring the Mickey Mouse rose garden in front. Hignite believes the Disney themed homes will establish an emotional connection with the buyer.

“As you would be looking at the house from the outside, an immediate release of emotion inside of you was turned on like a key lighting up one’s interest,” said Hignite.

The train station home, located on the northwest side of Milwaukee near Vincent High School, is projected to be finished in two to three months.

In addition to home building, Hignite is involved in the animated film making industry and is producing his own movie, “Miracle Mouse,” which will be done in 2D despite the current explosion of 3D movies.

Hignite strongly believes that’s a mistake, stating that he doesn’t want to see an American art die. He suggested that “Miracle Mouse,” projected to be released in five to six years, may reboot interest in 2D.


However, he doesn’t plan on giving up home building.

“The only thing that makes animation possible is housing, and as passionate as I may be about animation, I’m more or just as passionate in home building,” exclaimed Hignite.

He said that the thousands of Miracle Homes sold appeal to buyers through elaborate designs and unusual structures.

But he insisted that he had many more ideas that he will disclose later.

However, one thing is certain. Creativity and Disney will greatly impact the decisions.

Sort of like moving the company to infinity and beyond.| UV


Disney inspires home builder| André Payne

“Home building is ultimately a work of art… I try to make each home I design different than the one before.”–Tom Hignite

Video by William Ploen and Luz Mercado