“Tomorrow is never promised.”


        Young decided to enter this program because she thought it would be a great opportunity to get a taste of what it life would be a real journalist. She believes the program was very educational. Writing, for her, was totally different than normal because the paragraphs weren’t five to seven sentences anymore and the format was different.

        Young says the program is very exciting, and is glad she’s met new people and made more friends. Young says it has opened her eyes to the real world of a journalist. She respects, journalism, but believes that she’s just not cut out for it. Nonetheless, she thinks that it’s awesome. 

        Young wants to be a lawyer, a mediator or an anesthesiologist and plans on attending either the University of Illinois—Urbana or Marquette University. Currently, she is attending Wilmot High School in Silver Lake, Wis., and is going to enter her junior year this fall.


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