Following the completion of Survey 2, the campus community submitted 15 proposals for restructuring the core. In keeping with the core revision process, these proposals will be reviewed and discussed by the University Board of Undergraduate Studies, the University Core of Common Studies Review Committee, and the University Academic Senate in the coming months.

The broader campus community is invited to reviews these proposals to keep abreast of the ongoing progress. Comments on these proposals are welcome, and may be sent to To be included in the materials sent to University Academic Senate for their consideration, comments should be emailed by Friday, April 1st.

As you review the proposals, note the following:

  1. The proposals were submitted by campus workgroups of faculty, staff, and alumni formed in December to develop structures based on the learning outcomes prioritized in campus survey number two (for those results, click on “survey number two results (2015)” on the Data Resources page).
  2. Because the proposals are focusing on structure, they are not addressing questions of specific courses or numbers of requirements. At this stage, we are seeking campus input on what structure can best deliver the outcomes we feel that are important for students across all the undergraduate colleges.
  3. So, it might be the case that some combination of several proposals would represent the option that would best achieve campus goals and address the criteria of the charge document.
  4. Any comments received from the campus community will be submitted along with notes from the working groups, the Core Curriculum Review Committee, the University Board of Undergraduate Studies, and student focus groups to the April meeting of the University Academic Senate. The Provost and President will determine in May which framework (or combination of frameworks) the campus should pursue.

Please submit your comments by Friday 4/1. Thank you for continued interest in this campus wide effort on behalf of our students and the university.

Marquette University

About the revision

In May 2015, President Michael R. Lovell and Provost Dan Myers issued a campus-wide charge to revise and revitalize the University Core of Common Studies in light of 21st-century pedagogical research and our continuing commitment to Jesuit higher education.

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