Certificate in Digital Storytelling

The Only Digital Storytelling Program of its Kind in Milwaukee

The 15-credit Certificate in Digital Storytelling provides instruction in the theoretical foundation, ethics and development of storytelling through the use of multimedia technology. Students who complete the certificate will explore informational, persuasive, and historical storytelling with applications in public affairs journalism, fundraising, advertising, marketing, public relations, entertainment and family history. Students learn to express stories through multiple media, including documentaries, blogs, websites, and print.

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  • Certificate Requirements
  • Required and Elective Courses
  • Additional Programs of Interest

The certificate in Digital Storytelling requires the completion of three required courses (9 credits) and two elective courses (6 credits) for a total of 15 credits. One of the required courses is a capstone. Students should consult their adviser or the associate dean for Graduate Studies and Research when deciding upon electives.

Required Courses

All students must complete the following three courses:

COMM 6850: The Craft of Digital Storytelling
COMM 6900: Storytelling in Public Life
COMM 6997: Capstone in Digital Storytelling

Elective Courses

Students select two courses from the following list of electives:

COMM 6810: Digital Communication Strategies for Content
COMM 6815: Digital Communication Strategies in Metrics
COMM 6820: Digital Communication Strategies for Technologies
COMM 6825: Digital Communication Strategies for Leadership

Students seeking the Digital Storytelling Certificate may also be interested in the other master's programs offered through the Graduate School:

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