Robert Shuter
Dr. Robert ShuterMarquette University

Located Off Campus

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
Curriculum Vitae

Professor Emeritus in Communication Studies

Director of Center for Intercultural New Media Research


Ph.D. Northwestern University

Courses Taught

CMST 3410: Intercultural Communication
CMST 4100: Interpersonal Communication
CMST 4270/5270: (graduate class) Communicating in Multinational Organizations
CMST 4400: Cross-Cultural Communication in the U.S.
CMST 6400: Intercultural Communication (Graduate Class)
MANA 6931: (MBA) Multinational Organizations, New Media, and International Business

Research Interests

Intercultural Communication, Multinational Organizational Communication, Diversity and Communication, New Media Across Cultures

Professional Experience

Research Professor, Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Spring 2014, 2015 & 2016

Fulbright Scholar (Specialist Award), Hong Kong (Hong Kong Baptist University), October 2015

Visiting Professor, University of Southern California, Spring 2013

Grants Panel Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities, Social Science Division, 2013

Director, Center for Intercultural New Media Research (
Consultant for Multinational Corporations in U.S. and Europe

Professional Affiliations

National Communication Association
Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research
International Communication Association

Selected Publications

Shuter, R. (Forthcoming) New media and intercultural communication. In Y Kim (Ed.) International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication. Maiden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell (4000 words).

Shuter, R. (Forthcoming). Intercultural new media studies: Still the next frontier in intercultural communication. In L. Chen (Ed.) Handbook in Intercultural Communication. Hague, Holland: Mouton de Gruyter.

Shuter, R. & Kurylo, A (2015). Intercultural new media research for the 21st century. International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies, 5(1) 4-9

Robert Shuter (2014) The prospect of intercultural new media studies. In L. Samovar, R. Porter, and E. McDaniel (Eds) Intercultural communication: A reader (pp. 524-535). Independence, KY: Cengage.

Shuter, R.  Pay or Perish, Huffington Post (October, 2013)

Robert Shuter (2013) Centrality of culture in the 21st century. In M. Asante, Y. Miike. J. Yin (Eds). Global communication reader, (pp. 48-57). Boston: Routledge.

Robert Shuter and Sumana Chattopadhyay (2013) A cross-national study of cultural values and contextual norms of mobile phone activity. Journal of Multicultural Discourse, December 1-10.

Shuter, R. (2012). Research and pedagogy in intercultural new media studies.China Media Research 8 (4), 1-10.

Shuter, R. (2012, Sept. 15). The U.S. could learn from Scandinavia. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Download PDF of this article

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Shuter, R. (November 2011). Intercultural new media research: Prospect and promise. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 4.4., 241-247.

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Shuter, R. (2010). Robert T. Oliver: Visionary in intercultural communication. In J. Fritz (Ed.) Pennsylvania scholar series: Robert T.Oliver, Volume 5 (pp. 25-36). Pennsylvania Communication Association.

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Shuter, R (2010). Class, social identity, and communication. In R. Jackson(Ed.) Encyclopedia on identity (pp. 91-94). Thousand Oaks, CA: SagePublications.

Honors and Awards

Fulbright Scholar: Specialist Award, Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication, 2015
Fellow, International Academy for Intercultural Research
MU, Research Award, College of Communication, 2000

Why Marquette

The Jesuit commitment to scholarship, service and ethics has produced an academic environment in which I have flourished as a teacher and researcher.

Elected Positions

Chair, International and Intercultural Communication Division, National Communication Association, 2009–2011 (2010– Division Chair)

Coordinator New Initiatives, International and Intercultural Communication Division of the National Communication Division (2012-2015)

Guest Editor, Intercultural New Media Forum, Journal of International and Intercultural Communication

Current Editorial Boards: Journal of International and Intercultural Communication & Journal of Intercultural Communication Research