Los Angeles Alumni Mentor and Network Program

The Marquette Entertainment & Communications Alumni (MECA) provides networking and mentor support to MU alumni working in the entertainment, communications and new media business sectors of Southern California. In addition to social networking events, MECA also hosts a committee of engaged and established alumni who volunteer to serve as mentors to new Marquette grads looking to pursue their career goals in Los Angeles. Each mentor on the committee represents a specific job discipline and will serve as a resource for new grads in the following manner:

  • By offering support, guidance and motivation when it comes time to take a giant step in a new direction after graduation
  • By helping grads decide what directions to pursue in a career and how to overcome obstacles
  • By sharing professional contacts & stories and building a personal relationships with fellow MU alum
  • By teaching what we've learned and share these lessons to better prepare young MU professionals for their own careers
  • By becoming a point of connection between Marquette and the City of Los Angeles

Fill out this form if you wish to reach out to any of the listed Los Angeles based Marquette graduates. The time is now to explore your future goals and make your career dreams a reality.

Alumni Mentors

Joel Andryc

Joel Andryc '79

Managing Director, Saban Capital Group
TV production & development, children's animation, brand management, media investments

Ann Buckingham

Ann Buckingham '85

Global Vice President, Consumer Products, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.
Merchandising & Licensing, Brands, Marketing, Hollywood Studio business

Eryn Doherty

Eryn Doherty '91

Vice President, Labor Relations, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Entertainment Law and Labor Relations

John Lockhart

John Eckel '81

CEO & Founder, Rock and Sock'em Marketing, LLC
Talent agent/ad agency/marketing & promotions

Jenna Santoianni

Jenna Santoianni '06

Senior Vice President of Television Series, Sonar Entertainment
TV production and development

Brian Hodous

Brian Hodous '85

Chief Customer Officer, Activision Blizzard Publishing, Inc.
New media/digital entertainment/electronic gaming/marketing

Rebekah Ingraham

Rebekah Ingraham '05

Producer, E! Networks
Entertainment news, TV reality production