Community Engagement Task Force 2.0


Faculty and Staff Engagement

Promotion/tenure, faculty-staff training and development, executive/senior leadership development (related to community engagement), BOT development, research/scholarship, staff promotion, incentives, diveristy and inclusion

  • Gary Meyer, Senior Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
  • Lynn Mellantine, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources


  • Bill Lobb, Dean, Dental School
  • Janet Krejci, Dean, Nursing School
  • Jeanne Hossenlopp, VP, Research and Innovation


Student Engagement

Experiential learning, clinical placements, internships, service learning, student research, student service, federal work study, diversity and inclusion

  • Mary Janz, Executive Director, Residence Life
  • Christopher Simenz, Clinical Professor, Practicum Coordinator for Exercise Science


  • Xavier Cole, Vice President, Student Affairs



Mission responsiveness, community voice, diversity and inclusion, pursuit of social justice

  • Kathy Coffey-Guenther, Associate VP, Mission and Ministry
  • Theresa Tobin, Associate Dean, Graduate School


  • Kent Beausoleil, Special Assistant to Faculty and Student Affairs Vice Presidents
  • William Welburn, Executive Directory, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kimo Ah Yun, Dean, College of Communication



Impacts of this work on students, faculty, staff, alumni, community, economics

  • Carie Hertzberg, Director, MU Burke Scholarship Program
  • Jen Reid, Director, Student Affairs, Communications


  • Rana Altenburg, Vice President, Public Affairs


Partnership Management & Cultivation

Database, contracts, MOU's, college liaisons, liaisons with ohter internal teams/offices/departments. [Marquette parenters with entities such as non-profit, foundations, government, residents/community members, businesses]

  • Kimberly Bohat, Director, Service Learning Program


  • Dan Bergen, Executive Director, Office of Community Engagement


Profile and Membership

Carnegie classification, awards, marketing, sponsorships, memberships (local, state, national, global), philanthropy/development/funding

  • Jaclyn Ness, Managing Director of Development, Corporate, and Foundation Relations, University Advancement


  • Brian Dorrington, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Communication