Innovation Library

The Innovator’s Toolkit

The Innovator's Toolkit is an essential companion for every innovator, innovation team leader, operations manager, and corporate change agent who needs to drive organic growth. Written and presented in an easy-to-use reference format, the book helps users understand why, when, and how to apply each technique for maximum benefits and results.

The Power of Innovative Thinking

This practical and motivational book teaches the user how to generate new ideas on their own as well as unlock hidden creativity. The exercises and advice in this breakthrough approach will encourage users to explore options known but unable to achieve. The concise, how to information is delivered in a friendly, interactive format and is ideal for individual or team us.

The Power of Leo: The Revolutionary Process For Achieving Extraordinary Results

In The Power of LEO, Chowdhury outlines a simple, three-part strategy for building continuous quality improvement every business operation, which he calls LEO: Listen to your customers and employees; Enrich your company by fixing the problems you learn about and seizing future opportunities; and Optimize your company by making sure the problems remains fixed and executing resulting plans for improvement.