Lean Thinking is a structured, comprehensive approach to process design and improvement that delivers the value expected by the process beneficiaries, efficient resource utilization and more meaningful work for employees. Broadly, it is a comprehensive continuous improvement strategy.

Five Core Principles of Lean Thinking are:

  • Define the value of the process from the perspective of the beneficiaries of the process.
  • Identify the flow of the process, from both the beneficiary and provider perspectives, to determine whether and how each step and activity in the process adds value.
  • Eliminate the types of waste that adds no value to the process
  • Make the process flow smoothly, with activities or services "pulled" as needed by the beneficiaries rather than "pushed" by the provider.
  • Pursue perfection through a combination of continuous improvement and transformation of the process.

Steps to a Lean Thinking Structured Approach

  1. Establish a Lean Team.
  2. Follow the Process Improvement Method, Plan-Do-Act-Check.
  3. Let the Lean Thinking Core Principles guide the effort.