Students and Advisers

The Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) is the center of every Marquette University student’s educational experience. The learning outcomes of the Core are rooted in Jesuit perspective and values and focus on creating students who communicate responsibly and ethically, engage the world as moral actors and citizens with purpose, collaborate with diverse others using a broad disciplinary focus, and become leaders in discovery to solve global problems.

Advising fosters intellectual, moral and personal growth in students. It is informed by the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, who advocated that Jesuit schools should educate students who will lead and be a leaven for good. This requires that students obtain both a firm base of knowledge and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Thus, Marquette seeks to educate on both the intellectual and moral level. The mark of academic success is the ability of students to function as well-educated, responsible members of society.

The Marquette Core Curriculum applies to all students entering Marquette in Fall 2018 or later. Students who entered before Fall 2018 follow the University Core of Common Studies

IMPORTANT: The Engaging Social Systems and Values 2 requirement will be waived for all students who entered Marquette between the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2020.  This is not the ESSV1 course that is part of the Foundations tier, but the upper level course that most students were planning to take in the junior or senior years.  This will be reflected in Checkmarq; there’s nothing students or advisers need to do.

All approved courses for ESSV1, ESSV2, Writing Intensive, and Discovery Themes can be found in the University Undergraduate Bulletin.

For a list of courses approved for the MCC since the last Bulletin was published, please visit the New Courses Approved for MCC page.

Visit the Requirements, Forms and Other Information page for more.



Per the university Transfer Course Credit policy, test and transfer credits that are equivalent to approved MCC courses may be applied to Marquette Core Curriculum requirements, except CORE 1929CORE 4929 and WRIT courses, which must be completed at Marquette.



  1.  Students should take the long view of their undergraduate careers: The MCC committee recommends that students should complete MCC requirements in a 4-3-2-1 format: four MCC courses in their first year (preferably two in each semester), three in their second year, and so forth. This will not necessarily work for all students, but should be your default plan.
  2.  Students should explore interests outside their majors: There is no such thing as a “wasted” class. This is certainly not language that we use at Marquette, but there is a sense that some parents and students come to the core with that perception. Advisors are in a unique position to shape students’ awareness and perceptions about how the core fits into their time at MU. Students—especially those who have not yet declared majors, or with majors that have “room” for minors or second majors—should be encouraged to use the electives they take in the first and second years as opportunities to explore majors, minors, certificates, or areas of personal interest. In other words, students should be guided to the understanding that 1) they will engage the core throughout their careers at Marquette, 2) electives, especially those that might lead to personal growth or additional fields of study, should not be left to their last few semesters.  For virtually all of our students, the MCC and their chosen fields of study will be fully integrated throughout their years at Marquette.
  3.  Declaring Discovery Tier Themes: Students should declare their Discovery Tier themes no later than spring of their sophomore year by using the Form for Declaring or Changing Student Discovery Tier Theme.  Before doing that, explore the courses in the themes—you may discover courses on topics that speak to your other interests, to high school courses that you liked, or to current political or social issues.  For a description of the different themes and courses in the Disco Tier, visit the Discovery Themes and Courses page.

Teaching Out the UCCS

Many students still need to finish the UCCS. Departments are committed to offering enough sections for students under the old core to complete it by spring 2022. But students should not delay fulfilling these requirements, especially lower division courses; opportunities for UCCS courses will likely dwindle as departments’ responsibilities in the MCC grow.