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All students entering Marquette are required to complete 36 credit hours of university core of common studies requirements. This includes incoming freshmen, transfer students and readmittance students. The only exception is for students who are entering under the terms of a pre-existing articulation agreement. All others are subject to the terms specified in the current Undergraduate Bulletin.

The 36 credit hours are distributed across nine knowledge areas as follows:

  • Rhetoric: 6 credits
  • Mathematical Reasoning: 3 credits
  • Individual and Social Behavior: 3 credits
  • Diverse Cultures: 3 credits
  • Literature/Performing Arts: 3 credits
  • Histories of Cultures and Societies: 3 credits
  • Science and Nature: 3 credits
  • Human Nature and Ethics: 6 credits
  • Theology: 6 credits

Some core of common studies courses are dual application courses, meaning they satisfy requirements in two knowledge areas. A student may take only one dual application course to satisfy core of common studies requirements. The dual application option is not permitted in Human Nature and Ethics or Theology.

Core credit may be granted for transfer credits, advanced placement credits, CLEP and international baccalaureate credits. These awards are made by the usual college designees in consultation with the director of the core of common studies. There is no limit on the number of core credits that may be awarded in this manner.

For students enrolled before Fall 2018, see a list of approved core of common studies courses is available.

Contact Dr. John Su, Director of the Core of Common Studies, or (414) 288-3476 for more information.

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