Approved Courses: Histories of Cultures and Societies

The following courses have been approved for inclusion in the University Core of Common Studies. Unless noted as a dual-application course, each course satisfies a three-credit-hour requirement in the knowledge area under which it is listed.

New courses are approved for the core each semester. Decisions about core credit for transfer courses, Advanced Placement courses, International Baccalaureate and CLEP are made by college designees in consultation with the director of the University Core of Common Studies.

Choose 3 credit hours from the following list:

  • HIST 1001 Growth of Western Civilization 1
  • HIST 1002 Growth of Western Civilization 2
  • HIST 1101 Introduction to American History
  • HIST 1301 Latin America
  • HIST 1401 Africa
  • HIST 1501 Survey of East Asian Culture
  • HIST 2001H The World and the West (Honors Program students ONLY)
  • MISL 1800 American Crucible: The Military and the Development of the United States
  • NASC 1022 Seminar in Sea Power and Maritime Affairs
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