Deadlines for core course submission:
October 15
March 15

Core Proposal Templates

Be sure to scroll down for all questions on each template

Diverse Cultures.doc (43.5KB)

Histories of Cultures and Societies.doc (40KB)

Human Nature and Ethics.doc (42.5KB)

Individual and Social Behavior.doc (36KB)

Literature and Performing Arts.doc (38KB)

Mathematical Reasoning.doc (42.5KB)

Rhetoric.doc (55KB)

Science and Nature.doc (39.5KB)

Theology.doc (40KB)

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"The core of common studies at Marquette University articulates the Jesuit tradition. It fosters the growth of its faculty and students. Through the evolution of the core, Marquette ensures that its courses and programs of study continue to serve the mission of Jesuit higher education."

From the Preamble to the Core of Common Studies.