COVID-19 Response Team

The Executive Leadership Team has established a cross-disciplinary COVID-19 Response Team, which is meeting several times daily to evaluate changing guidance from public health officials — including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Milwaukee Health Department — to make recommendations to the ELT on establishing protocols and contingency plans related to the virus. Learn more about Marquette's response to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Campus Response Team leads Marquette’s response to coronavirus while building and sustaining the capability to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from this threat.

Led by Dr. Xavier Cole, vice president for student affairs, the Steering Committee meets daily to share updates, discuss COVID-19 developments and prepare campus communications.

The COVID-19 Response Team is organized into six subcommittees, encompassing approximately 100 subject matter experts from the faculty and staff actively working on the university’s response to COVID-19:

  1. Academics (led by Dr. John Su, vice provost for academic affairs - includes representatives from each college/school)
  2. Employee (led by Lynn Mellantine, assistant vice president of human resources)
  3. External Contacts (led by Rana Altenburg, vice president for public affairs, and Stephen Hudson-Mairet, chair of digital media and performing arts in the Diederich College of Communication)
  4. Medical (led by Keli Wollmer, MPAS, PA-C, executive director of the Marquette University Medical Clinic) - Information on antibody testing
  5. Student Life / Residence Life (led by Mary Janz, director of residence life and Dr. Stephanie Quade, dean of students)
  6. Recovery (led by Lora Strigens, vice president for planning and facilities management, and Jeff Kranz, assistant chief of police)

In addition to those on the COVID-19 Response Team, the CRT works closely with leaders across the university to address operational functions and align resources.

The broader response team includes representatives from the following areas on campus:

    1. Office of the President
    2. Office of the Provost
    3. Office of the Senior Vice President
    4. Student Affairs
    5. Student Development
    6. Faculty Affairs
    7. Academic Affairs
    8. Human Resources
    9. IT Services
    10. Marquette Medical Clinic
    11. Office of the General Counsel
    12. Risk Management
    13. Facilities Planning and Management
    14. Finance
    15. Business Operations
    16. Residence Life
    17. Office of Marketing and Communication
    18. Office of Public Affairs
    19. University Academic Senate
    20. Athletics