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Campus Facilities and Events

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Do the City of Milwaukee Health Department order updates effect university events?

The City of Milwaukee Health Department made revisions to its COVID-19 Public Health Plan and Order 4.2 which went into effect today, Oct. 29. The new 4.2 order continues to allow for institutions of higher education to implement and adhere to individual plans. Marquette’s Recovery Plan was approved by the City of Milwaukee Health Department, which was developed in accordance with medical and government guidelines.

Under the previous City of Milwaukee Health Department’s 4.1 Order, indoor and outdoor gathering limits were no more than 250 persons or less based on additional criteria per CDC guidance. We want to communicate key updates of the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s 4.2 Order that will affect university events, indoor and outdoor and gatherings and the entire city, which require appropriate physical distancing and the wearing of masks; including:

  • Indoor events or gatherings are limited to 10 people (in addition to any employees or contractors required to operate the event).
  • Outdoor events or gatherings are limited to 25 people (in addition to any employees or contractors required to operate the event).
  • Religious and political events are subject to gathering limits of 100 people who are required to be seated.

As allowed under the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s 4.2 Order and consistent with Marquette’s approved plan, in-person instruction, critical research and essential functions as determined by the institution remain in place in accordance with physical distancing to the extent possible and Protective Measure Requirements. Order 4.2 also continues to allow for operation of clinical services, child care and fitness centers per certain guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, Order 4.2 continues to allow for institution of higher education facilities to be used for Essential Government Functions; as such the Alumni Memorial Union will serve as a polling location for the upcoming Nov. 3 Election.

How will students be able to socialize in an era of physical distancing?

Gatherings, such as those of student organizations, will be expected to follow City of Milwaukee and Marquette gathering guidelines, which will likely change before classes start. Given that space will be at a premium in order to accommodate smaller class sizes, student organizations and social groups will be encouraged to host virtual meetings whenever possible.

Will reception desks have plexiglass shields installed for added protection?

We are exploring multiple options, including the potential use of plexiglass as appropriate for spaces with a greater level of human contact.

Will students and families be required to work with staff in small offices and conference rooms?

We’re looking at a variety of safety measures, including having meetings virtually, using partitions, wearing masks, undergoing new sanitizing procedures and social distancing.

What special precautions will be taken for clinics?

Even before COVID-19, clinics had more stringent cleaning procedures, and that will continue. This will be informed by CDC best practices, including cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks.

What is the status of the library?

The library will be open but will have reduced capacity like all other areas on campus. Masks will be required as they will in all public/shared spaces on campus. Increased disinfection and cleaning procedures will also be in place. All students, staff, faculty and visitors will need to show their COVID Cheq status to enter.

How will we enforce social distancing in the hallways (especially between classes when there are more people in the hallways)?

We are encouraging one-way flows in buildings that allow it; in spaces that don’t we are encouraging physical distancing. We are also looking into staggering class times to alleviate such flow in hallways. People should look before entering a two-way staircase or hallway to see if someone is coming from the opposite direction. The best way to mitigate the spread is if we all take responsibility and practice physical distancing and use our best judgement when finding ourselves in confined areas of campus (such as one-way hallways).

How do we know if our spaces have been reviewed for cleaning/distancing protocols?

All areas have been reviewed. Additionally, all non-residential areas with air conditioning have filtration. Our best defense is mask wearing and physical distancing.

What campus spaces and services will be open to students?

We anticipate spaces and services like the Rec Center and Rec Plex, the Raynor Memorial Libraries and other shared spaces on campus will be open, but with limited capacities. Masks will be required in all public/shared spaces on campus in accordance with City of Milwaukee mandates.

Will there be isolation spaces be made available to enrolled students living off-campus?

We are looking into options for this and how we utilize all of our campus spaces.

Will the AMU be open?

Some of the AMU spaces will be used for instructional space and other spaces are being assessed for how to appropriately achieve physical distancing.

Will students be able to go off-campus to Milwaukee-area businesses, and are businesses open without restrictions?

The university discourages in-person social gatherings and will enforce the City of Milwaukee’s current guidelines. With respect to patronizing local businesses, we would expect our students to follow public health guidance and mandates, including mask wearing and physical distancing, as well as each business’ unique guidelines. It is our sincere hope that students will exercise their best judgment should they choose to engage off-campus.

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