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Campus Facilities and Events

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How will students be able to socialize in an era of physical distancing?

Gatherings, such as those of student organizations, will be expected to follow City of Milwaukee and Marquette gathering guidelines, which will likely change before classes start. Given that space will be at a premium in order to accommodate smaller class sizes, student organizations and social groups will be encouraged to host virtual meetings whenever possible.

What special precautions will be taken for clinics?

Even before COVID-19, clinics had more stringent cleaning procedures, and that will continue. This will be informed by CDC best practices, including cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks.

How will we enforce social distancing in the hallways (especially between classes when there are more people in the hallways)?

We are encouraging one-way flows in buildings that allow it; in spaces that don’t we are encouraging physical distancing. We are also looking into staggering class times to alleviate such flow in hallways. People should look before entering a two-way staircase or hallway to see if someone is coming from the opposite direction. The best way to mitigate the spread is if we all take responsibility and practice physical distancing and use our best judgement when finding ourselves in confined areas of campus (such as one-way hallways).

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