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Will the visitation policy for the residence halls remain the same for the spring semester?

Yes. As in the fall, outside guests will not be allowed into residence halls, and inter-hall visitation is also be suspended. These steps help reduce density, adhere to physical distancing guidelines and mitigate the spread of the virus on campus.

Have there been changes to the residency requirement for spring semester?

To maintain a less residentially dense campus to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to accommodate students with a fully remote spring semester schedule, the university is announcing the following changes to its university residency requirement for all current and incoming first-year, sophomore and transfer students for the spring 2021 semester only:

If you are able to register for and secure a fully online spring 2021 semester AND you will be living at your permanent home address, the university will release you from the on-campus residency requirement.

You must be enrolled in a full online schedule and submit a residency waiver request to the Office of Residence Life by Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 4 p.m. CST to exercise the residency requirement waiver. Release forms can be downloaded from the ORL website and emailed to when completed. Students who completed a form for the fall term will need to resubmit a form for the spring term.

Your eligibility will be based on a fully online course load as reflected in CheckMarq — self-reporting will not be sufficient. If your class schedule, as shown in CheckMarq changes from a fully online course load to include at least one in person class or hybrid class schedule on or before February 2, 2021, you will be assigned to a residence hall space and meal plan.

Additional guidance on the residency requirement changes is available at Marquette Today.

I am on a wait list for a different residence hall or want a room change. How can I get an update on my status?

We will have a one-week room freeze at the beginning of the spring semester. We will begin making moves where we are able to from the waitlist at that time. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability and may not be able to allow room changes into specific buildings with higher population density. Students can view their waitlist status on the Campus Living Portal.

How is the Office of Residence Life mitigating risk of spreading the virus in the residence halls and university-owned apartments?

We have de-densified our halls and measured residence hall room spaces to ensure that there is at least 12 feet of space head to head when students are in their shared room spaces. We also have designated quarantine spaces for students who test positive for COVID-19. We are honoring apartment leases as signed.

Additionally, as part of living in a community, we all have a responsibility to care for each other. This means every student also plays an active role in following guidance from Marquette University and the Wisconsin Department of Public Health. This includes (but is not limited to) respecting physical distancing, monitoring your symptoms, washing your hands regularly, and wearing cloth face coverings in public areas.

Will I be required to wear a cloth face covering or disposable mask in my residence hall or university-owned apartment?

In order to protect all on campus and allow us to operate in person, cloth face coverings or disposable masks will be required in all public spaces and common areas on campus. Can you please update any FAQs about wearing masks?

At Marquette, masks are required indoors and outdoors. For the duration of the City of Milwaukee’s “Moving Milwaukee Forward” health and safety orders, any person three years old or older who is present in the City of Milwaukee shall have possession of a face covering when the person leaves home or other place of residence and shall wear the face covering whenever the person is in an outdoor public space and within 6 feet of any other person who is not a member of the person’s family or household.

What will community development look like in the residence halls?

We are in the process of planning physically distanced community building opportunities throughout the year. RAs will continue to facilitate floor meetings and 1:1 conversations with residents in a physically distanced/virtual manner as appropriate for the setting.

Why is Marquette enforcing a “no visitation” policy in the residence halls?

Outside guests will not be allowed into residence halls, and inter-hall visitation will also be suspended. This step is being taken to reduce density, adhere to physical distancing guidelines and mitigate the spread of the virus on campus.

How will quarantine/isolation rooms be utilized?

Quarantine and isolation spaces are reserved across any residence hall that has rooms with private bathrooms. We also have additional quarantine space at local hotel(s). Students will be placed into isolation rooms if they test positive for COVID-19 or are presumed positive. Students will be placed into quarantine rooms if they were in contact with someone who tested positive. Local students who are able to return home to quarantine may do so.

Are the laundry rooms in residence halls going to be sanitized as well as have a capacity rule?

Yes, they will be cleaned daily and capacity will be listed. Using the app to see when machines are free will be an excellent tool.

Will not living on campus for the semester/year affect my financial aid?

All financial aid related questions should be directed to Marquette Central. They can be reached at

If my roommate decided to move off campus will I be charged a single rate?

As long as you stay in your current space, you will be charged the rate of the space as designed (i.e as double/triple/quad). If you choose to move to a designated single in the future you will be charged a single rate.

What apartment cleaning protocols are in place?

Apartments are cleaned before arrival by the same staff currently cleaning our residence halls. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own individual apartments throughout the year.

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