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Will I get a room and board refund?

Students who are spring residence hall residents will receive a 50% credit to their Bursar account, which can be used for future tuition, room and board. Some exclusions apply; those students will be contacted separately. For those students who stayed in our residence halls after Spring Break, the credit will be prorated based on length of time living in the residence halls.

The remaining meal balance for Loyalty 50 plans will be credited to students’ Bursar accounts. Individuals who would like to keep their plan active or donate their remaining meals to students facing food insecurity should email by March 27. Students who have an Anytime Meal Plan will receive a 50% credit to their Bursar account. Individuals who would like to keep their Anytime Meal Plan active should email by March 27.

The goal is to have room and board credits processed by April 3.

I would like to donate my room and board refund back to the university for students who have financial hardships. Can I do that and how?

University Advancement is available to work with families who wish to support students who have financial hardships. Please contact Missy Egelhoff at or 414-288-6774 to make gift arrangements.

Will I receive a refund for my student fees?

No, student fees will not be refunded.

Will I receive a parking refund?

Students: All students with commuter parking permits will receive a refund for 50% of the semester parking expense. Students with 24-hour parking permits must email the Parking Office by March 27 if they wish to cancel their parking permit and retrieve their car from campus by April 1 to receive a 50% refund. If students cancel their permits and remove their cars after April 1, the refund will be prorated.

Faculty and staff: The university will suspend collection of parking fees for those who pay to park in a campus parking structure or surface lot for the month of April, which will be reflected in April pay periods. The university will continue to assess parking as the situation evolves.

I have a lease for a university-owned apartment. Am I required to vacate my apartment? Will I receive a refund?

The university-owned apartments are fully operational, the leases are valid and are being honored, and it is up to each individual student to determine whether they will continue to live in their apartment. The difference between a housing agreement (for students in the residence halls) and those with apartment leases (whether through the university or not) is that landlords, including Marquette, cannot ask students to vacate a lease except in the case of eviction. It is important to note that there are many students living in apartments who have nowhere else to go – Marquette is their only safe option.

How do I retrieve my personal belongings from my residence hall if I haven't already?

After early move-out is concluded on April 5, we will have nearly 2,400 students completely moved out of the residence halls, allowing us to reduce the number of staff needed on campus and consolidate residents so we have space to quarantine individuals or respond to community requests.

During the month of April, moving/storage companies will come to campus to collect belongings already boxed by students and to begin a packing and storing process for students requesting that service. You may find these storage companies listed on the Residence Life website if you wish to utilize this option

We are working to schedule the next round of move out beginning May 11, 2020, contingent on alignment with safer at home orders from state and local authorities. Please check the Campus Living portal in CheckMarq next week to sign up for a May move out time slot, knowing the dates could change if government orders change. There is no need to fill out an exemption form if you plan to sign up for a May move-out date.

We ask that prior to coming to campus for May move-out, each student verify via the Residence Life website as well as the Campus Living portal in CheckMarq that we are still allowing the move out process. We reserve the right to cancel these appointments as recommendations are made by city, state and health officials.

If you have additional questions, please contact ORL via email.

Please know the health, safety and well-being of our students and their families, as well as our Residence Life staff, is our top priority. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this very complex and fluid situation.

Does the Wisconsin "Stay-at-Home" order mean we can't come to campus to collect our belongings?

The “safer-at-home” order specifically exempted universities that are working on student relocation from residential facilities, so that we may provide that service safely to students and families who choose to move out now.

We live in a city/state with a “stay-at-home” order. Do we have to come to campus to collect our belongings now?

If your family does not feel comfortable coming to campus at this time, fill out this exemption form now. We will determine a time later in the semester when you may do so and will be in touch in mid-April.

If your family is not able to return to campus this semester, you can contact our moving partners, who will work with families beginning in April.

When will we be able to register for fall classes and housing?

Fall registration will begin April 6 for all undergraduate and graduate students. Students will receive new registration times by March 25. The fall university housing deadline will also be delayed; students will receive more information in the coming weeks.

What if I can’t return home and I need to live on campus?

Students whose circumstances require them to return to their on-campus residence should fill out this form so that we can communicate directly with them about proper protocols and provide appropriate support. It is not our intention to make blanket decisions without taking into account students’ unique circumstances.

Will university dining services remain open in the residence halls?

Minimal campus operations will remain functional to serve the limited number of students who are staying in our residence halls because they are unable to complete their classes remotely. Additional information will be shared as soon as possible.

I live on or near campus while attending school, but am living with my parents on April 1. Should I be counted in their census questionnaire?

Students who are staying with their parents, but would have otherwise lived at a campus or campus-adjacent address, should NOT be counted on their parents’ census questionnaire. Students who live in a residence hall and campus-owned apartments have been counted by Marquette through the Census Bureau’s Group Quarters count. Students who live in private off-campus housing should respond to their own invitation they received in the mail.

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