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Have there been changes to the residency requirement for spring semester?

To maintain a less residentially dense campus to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to accommodate students with a fully remote spring semester schedule, the university is announcing the following changes to its university residency requirement for all current and incoming first-year, sophomore and transfer students for the spring 2021 semester only:

If you are able to register for and secure a fully online spring 2021 semester AND you will be living at your permanent home address, the university will release you from the on-campus residency requirement.

You must be enrolled in a full online schedule and submit a residency waiver request to the Office of Residence Life by Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 4 p.m. CST to exercise the residency requirement waiver. Release forms can be downloaded from the ORL website and emailed to when completed. Students who completed a form for the fall term will need to resubmit a form for the spring term.

Your eligibility will be based on a fully online course load as reflected in CheckMarq — self-reporting will not be sufficient. If your class schedule, as shown in CheckMarq changes from a fully online course load to include at least one in person class or hybrid class schedule on or before February 2, 2021, you will be assigned to a residence hall space and meal plan.

Additional guidance on the residency requirement changes is available at Marquette Today.

I am on a wait list for the residence halls. How can I get an update on my status?

We do not intend to assign additional students to vacancies at this time as all waiting list and room change requests are on hold. Preferred roommate pull-ins may be considered once we have completed the de-densification process.

How is the Office of Residence Life mitigating risk of spreading the virus in the residence halls and university-owned apartments?

We have de-densified our halls and measured residence hall room spaces to ensure that there is at least 12 feet of space head to head when students are in their shared room spaces. We also have designated quarantine spaces for students who test positive for COVID-19. We are honoring apartment leases as signed.

Additionally, as part of living in a community, we all have a responsibility to care for each other. This means every student also plays an active role in following guidance from Marquette University and the Wisconsin Department of Public Health. This includes (but is not limited to) respecting physical distancing, monitoring your symptoms, washing your hands regularly, and wearing cloth face coverings in public areas.

Will I be required to wear a cloth face covering or disposable mask in my residence hall or university-owned apartment?

In order to protect all on campus and allow us to operate in person, cloth face coverings or disposable masks will be required in all public spaces and common areas on campus.

When can I move in?

For university-owned apartments: Marq leases begin on August 1st. Campus Town East, Campus Town West, Gilman, Frenn, and McCabe leases begin on August 16th. We will be facilitating move-in times for the apartments to help ensure physical distancing during the move-in process.

For residence halls: Move-in days currently run from Saturday, Aug. 22, through Tuesday, Aug. 25. Please note that move-in is spread out across multiple days to help ensure physical distancing during the move-in process. Please wait to sign up for a move in time prior to making travel arrangements.

Will students need to move out between the fall and spring semesters?

You can leave your belongings in your residence hall room during this time. However, we are encouraging students to only bring the essentials in order to ensure de-densification and spacing remain in each room.

Leases are honored for the entire leasing period for students in university-owned apartments.

What should I bring with me when I arrive to campus?

Please reference the Arrival Survival Guide. Note that due to COVID-19, we are asking students to remember to bring cloth face coverings and personal cleaning supplies to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Additionally, we will not be allowing large furniture items such as couches or futons this year to allow more space in the residence hall rooms for physical distancing.

What will community development look like in the residence halls?

We are in the process of planning physically distanced community building opportunities throughout the year. RAs will continue to facilitate floor meetings and 1:1 conversations with residents in a physically distanced/virtual manner as appropriate for the setting.

Will early move-in be an option for students this Fall?

There will not be early move-in this fall.

Will housing and tuition be prorated due to the academic calendar changing?

At this time, we are planning for students to return to campus, therefore, it’s too early to speculate about any possible changes to tuition.

We intend to resume campus operations this fall if governmental and medical authorities say it is safe to do so, and we are carefully developing our Recovery plan in ways that align with local and state guidelines. The changes to the Academic Calendar were made in order to allow students to have an on-campus experience, and the current tuition and housing costs reflect that experience. Financial aid funds in this environment have increased.

Housing rates for the 2020-21 Academic Year will remain as published to account for the increased cleaning and sanitation efforts in the residence halls and university-owned apartments, and other health and safety measures being taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among the campus residential community. Additionally, Residence Life will continue to staff the residence halls, even when students are not physically on campus.

Due to the reduced time resident students will be dining on campus, Marquette has decreased the Anytime Dining meal rates for the fall semester by $400. The new rate is $1,950 for the semester; down from the originally published rate of $2,350. This is an 8.5% decrease, which is consistent with the reduction in time students will be dining on campus.

Why is Marquette enforcing a “no visitation” policy in the residence halls?

Outside guests will not be allowed into residence halls, and inter-hall visitation will also be suspended. This step is being taken to reduce density, adhere to physical distancing guidelines and mitigate the spread of the virus on campus.

How is not allowing furniture outside of what is provided in the dorms thought to stop the spread of COVID?

The goal is to de-densify and limit the number of students in rooms. Additional furniture in rooms allows for additional students to congregate, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. Rooms will be set up to ensure social distancing and we are requesting that they stay that way. This is a small price to pay for the health and safety of our campus community.

How will quarantine rooms be utilized?

We currently have about 35 rooms set aside for quarantining students, and we are looking at ways to free up additional rooms for this purpose. Students will be placed into quarantine rooms if they test positive for COVID-19, are presumed positive, or need to isolate because they were in contact with someone who was positive. Local students who are able to return home to quarantine may do so.

Are the laundry rooms in residence halls going to be sanitized as well as have a capacity rule?

Yes, they will be cleaned daily and capacity will be listed. Using the app to see when machines are free will be an excellent tool.

If we cancel for the Fall semester, will we get our room and board money refunded?

Yes, we will offer a full refund for those electing not to live on campus for the fall semester, as long as you meet the exemption criteria. Both fall and spring term assignments will be cancelled when a student completes the exemption form.

If I stay home for the Fall semester and want to move back on campus in the spring will I get a space on campus/live with my preferred roommate?

We will do our best to accommodate your request. Our ability to provide housing for additional students in the spring will be guided by medical professional’s recommendation and the city of Milwaukee public health department.

If a student wishes to return to on campus housing in the spring they will need to reapply for housing (through Campus Living Portal beginning in October).

If I already moved into my apartment, can I get my money back?

If you are currently living on campus and are taking all online classes you will be granted a lease release. Your lease will be prorated to reflect the time you have lived or continue to live or have belongings in your apartment. If you choose to move out, the remainder of your balance will be credited to your account. Marq apartment lease releases are determined on an individual basis.

I did summer storage in my University owned apartment and am not returning to campus, how do I get my stuff back?

You can return to campus when you are able to retrieve your items. You will continue to be charged a pro-rated leasing rate for as long as your items are in your apartment.

My roommate isn’t coming to Marquette/living in the hall, now can I bring a futon?

No additional furniture is allowed in the residence halls to assist with a streamlined move in process, allow us to be nimble if moves need to happen quickly, and ensure that rooms do not exceed their maximum capacity to ensure safe social distancing.

Do I need to cancel my move in time?

Yes, on the bottom of your Move In confirmation, please select Manage Bookings, Cancel Booking to delete your time in our system.

One of the Marquette moving companies packed and stored my belongings in the spring/summer, how can I retrieve them?

We are working with the moving companies to set up dates that students can return to campus to retrieve belongings. We will contact students early next week with the details.

Will not living on campus for the semester/year affect my financial aid?

All financial aid related questions should be directed to Marquette Central. They can be reached at

What will happen to my rent if one of my apartment-mates is released from their lease?

Your rent will not automatically change in this event. Since our department will be assuming responsibility for that space, we reserve the right to use a fully vacant bedroom in your unit. We will do this only when necessary and will reach out to you before assigning the vacant bedroom.

If my roommate decided to move off campus will I be charged a single rate?

As long as you stay in your current space, you will be charged the rate of the space as designed (i.e as double/triple/quad). If you choose to move to a designated single in the future you will be charged a single rate.

Will my student who is without a roommate get a new one? Will current assignments be reassigned or shifted?

We do not intend to assign additional students to vacancies at this time as all waiting list and room change requests are on hold. Preferred roommate requests may be considered once we have completed the de-densification process.

Will I be able to get a lease in a university apartment? What is available?

There is limited availability in our university apartments- most of our availability is in the Marq. We are experiencing a large influx of applications and will start by working with applications that we have already received.

What apartment cleaning protocols are in place?

Apartments are cleaned before arrival by the same staff currently cleaning our residence halls. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own individual apartments throughout the year.

If my roommate leaves can I keep my room as a single? /p>

We are currently holding on any room changes or waiting list requests to allow for dedensification in the halls. We do not intend to assign students to vacancies.

If my roommate leaves, can I move with a different friend?

We are currently holding on any room changes or waiting list requests to allow for dedensification in the halls. Once we have processed all exemption forms, we will allow students to request a preferred roommate as long as both parties are open to the change.

I am on a waiting list for a single, with all these people leaving, can I get assigned into a single?

We are currently holding on any room changes or waiting list requests to allow for dedensification in the halls. Once current exemption requests have been processed, we will accommodate requests as we are able.

Now that you are de-densifying, can I request a single room, I am not comfortable living in a double room?

You can sign up on the waitlist for a single in the Campus Living Portal in CheckMarq. However, we are currently holding on any room changes or waiting list requests to allow for dedensification in the halls. Once current exemption requests have been processed, we will accommodate requests as we are able.

Where are quarantine/isolation rooms on campus?

We have currently reserved space in Mashuda and Carpenter. Students in singles with a private bathroom will also be able to quarantine in their own spaces. Additional quarantine space is being held at the Ambassador hotel and inn.

When do we need to decide if we are moving off campus or keeping our residence hall space?

The ideal date is August 13th. That will allow us to assess our occupancy and determine if any changes or moves can occur prior to opening. We ask that you submit the exemption form as soon as you make your decision.

If I come back to the residence halls and campus goes all remote at some point in the semester, will I get a refund on my room and board rates like we did in the spring?

If we revert to remote learning, we would refund students a pro-rated amount based on the time lived in the residence hall.

If I rented a MicroFridge for my residence hall room, can I get a refund?

You can call or email Bedloft directly at (866)651-5638 or to cancel your microfridge. If you cancel, please know that there will be a $30 restocking fee since the units have already been delivered to campus.

If all classes go remote, will I be held to a university apartment lease?

If we return to all online learning we will honor all signed leases, just as we did in the spring semester.

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