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What support is in place for international students at this time?

International students should contact the Office of International Education. They will be able to answer questions and offer information for international students.

I’m an international student who needs to live on-campus this summer. Whom should I contact?

Students whose circumstances require them to return to their on-campus residence should fill out this form so that we can communicate directly with them about proper protocols and provide appropriate support. It is not our intention to make blanket decisions without taking into account students’ unique circumstances.

If we can only gather in groups of 50, how will commencement work?

Any of our plans may need to change based on government and health official guidelines, so we ask for your continued patience and flexibility. If future guidance requires a different action, the safety of our students, faculty and staff will be the most important factor in our decisions. Please visit Marquette’s COVID-19 website for more information or to submit a question.

Are there modifications to the vacation policy?

Employees can continue to request vacation time with supervisor approval. Remote or on-campus workers need time away or time to unplug from work. The current university vacation policy has not been changed. Employees in a paid status continue to accrue vacation. Non-exempt employees will continue to accrue vacation until their yearly maximum is reached. Exempt employees will need to use vacation time prior to June 30, 2020 and the new fiscal year vacation allotment will be loaded into vacation banks on July 1, 2020. Any changes to the vacation policy are cost prohibitive and not financially viable at a time when the university’s resources are already limited.

Do we still plan to host the DNC?

Yes. The DNC is planned to take place in Milwaukee the week of August 17. Marquette will honor all residence hall and event space commitments that were previously agreed upon. For more information, please visit the Convention website.

Who do we notify if we have underlying medical conditions?

Your underlying health condition may fall under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Please contact the department of human resources for further direction at

What flexibility will parents of school aged children have if we reopen before the elementary/middle/high schools do?

For employees balancing work duties with childcare and at-home schooling duties, the university requests that supervisors are flexible with hours, e.g., allow employees to work nontraditional hours. Alternatively, an employee may choose to use accrued vacation hours or their floating holiday.  If the employee’s vacation/floating holiday balance has been exhausted, an employee may request additional time off by filling out the Supplemental COVID-19 Leave Form.

Can you share the prayer Dr. Xavier Cole read at the first Town Hall?

A Prayer for Peace During COVID-19 is available on the university’s Faith website.

How will Marquette address the health and safety of its faculty, staff and students when they return to campus?

The university’s Recovery Plan calls for detailed protocols to protect everyone’s health and safety, including, but not limited to enforced social distancing practices, masks and other personal protective equipment, screening and testing procedures, strict visitor policies, regular and deep cleaning of facilities and equipment, etc. More specific information will be released to the Marquette community as the Recovery Plan is developed further.

If we go fully online for fall, will tuition be prorated?

As announced in April, Marquette University intends to resume campus operations this fall if governmental and medical authorities say it is safe to do so, and we are carefully developing our Recovery plan in ways that align with local and state guidelines.

Will the academic schedule change for fall?

Yes, a revised Academic Calendar was announced on Friday, May 15, in Marquette Today.

If a student can’t return in the fall due to financial hardship, is that a withdrawal?

The university encourages any student facing financial hardship to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid before making any withdrawal decisions. There are opportunities for financial assistance through the CARES Act, the Bridge to the Future Fund and a Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant. Students should call Marquette Central at (414) 288-4000.

Can undergrads return to working in labs after the stay at home order is lifted?

Laboratory availability and occupancy is addressed in the university’s phased Recovery Plan. More information will be shared when it is available.

I don’t feel comfortable coming back to campus when my job can be done remotely — will I have to prove an underlying medical condition to be approved to work from home?

The university’s Recovery Plan includes a COVID-19 focused human resources policy. Employees who feel uneasy about their risk of contracting COVID-19 should address their specific concerns based on fact — not just a generalized fear of contracting COVID-19 — with their supervisor or HR. Employees with an underlying health condition that may increase the risk of illness due to COVID-19 can submit a request for an accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act.

Will the president and provost take pay cuts to help offset the financial losses from refunding a half semester of room and board?

President Lovell and Provost Ah Yun decided in April to each take an indefinite reduction in pay of approximately 10%. They have also both made donations to students scholarships through avenues such as the Bridge to the Future fund.

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