Marquette Inventor Portal

What is the Inventor Portal?

The Marquette Inventor Portal is a feature that provides streamlined online invention disclosure capability.

Who can use Inventor Portal?

Faculty, staff and students can now use the Inventor Portal to submit disclosures and track the status of their inventions.

What can I do on the Inventor Portal?

Portal users will have 24/7 access to a secure website to do the following:

Create, edit and submit invention disclosures online;
Check the status of submitted invention disclosures; and
Check the status of all patent applications on which they are listed as an inventor.
Log into the MU Inventor Portal.

Logging On:

MU Inventor Portal users will login using their Marquette email and password.

New Users:

Inventors using the portal for the first time will fill out the login using their Marquette email as the "user name" and the password for their MU email as a password.

New Inventor will be presented with the below Create Account dialog:

  • If a User or Contact record is found, fields will be populated with data on the Contact record, and New Inventor can make needed edits.
  • If no Contact record is found, all fields will be empty.
  • User Name and Password fields should be populated (read-only) with the MU Campus email

 The information provided above will appear on the Edit Profile tab of Inventor’s Inventor Portal page. 

Marquette Inventor Portal