Disclaimer: In some cases, students require more services than the Marquette University Counseling Center can provide (e.g., long-term or intensive treatment). In these situations, we give our clients referrals to community resources that can provide the needed services. The providers shown on the lists represent some, but not all, of these community resources. If insured, you are advised to check with your insurance company to determine if the provider you chose is covered by your plan. Additionally, area providers can be found via Psychology Today.

Please contact the Counseling Center at 414-288-7172 if you have any questions about this list or if you would like to receive additional recommendations.




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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is dedicated to promoting the psychological health of students at Marquette University. We offer mental health services to be able to respond to the emotional and career exploration needs of undergraduate, graduate and professional college students, and the prevention resources to reinforce healthy development.