Being a victim or a witness to a crime can be a traumatizing event. The human body and mind, although extremely resilient, often responds to the stress of such an event in a unique way. It is important to remember that these responses are absolutely normal and can be experienced in different ways by different people.

Some common responses include:

If you are experiencing some of these responses, you are not alone. Counseling Center staff are trained to assist victims of all forms of traumatic events. Your contacts with us are confidential and you will be given support to help you heal and freedom to make your own decisions about contacting law enforcement. You may contact us during regular business hours at 414-288-7172 to make an appointment.

How to help a friend:

Friends are usually the first individuals a victim will go to for support following a traumatic event. How you respond can actually assist in beginning the healing process for your friend. Here are some tips for getting started:

Just as a victim experiences emotional turmoil, so do those who are close to them. In fact, they may experience some of the same responses as the victim. It is important for support people to find ways to get support as well, so that they can remain available and supportive to the victim without becoming overwhelmed. The staff at the Counseling Center are available to assist you with this in a safe and confidential setting. We can assist you in being there for your friend while still taking care of yourself.


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