The Marquette University School of Dentistry prides itself on regularly evaluating its curriculum, equipment and facilities. This allows the school to remain a top destination for students and faculty. Investing in capital projects allows the dental school to maintain its “state-of-the-art” facility that reflects our ongoing commitment to quality.

The following projects are representative of those submitted as part of a budget proposal pending in the Wisconsin state legislature. If approved, the State of Wisconsin would match each gift received, up to $2 million, for a total capital investment of $4 million. The projects include:

Pediatric dentistry clinic

An expansion of the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic will increase the capacity of the clinic to better meet the oral health care needs of underserved Milwaukee-area children.


This new post-doctoral program is poised to accept its first incoming class in June 2016. To accommodate these students, we must reconfigure an existing clinical space to meet the needs of the program.

Instrument upgrade

Additional dental instruments for classes entering clinical rotations will increase our capacity to provide oral health care services. In addition, new computer systems are needed to support our use of electronic health records.

Dr. Jeff and Beth Moos faculty practice

A critical element in the recruiting and retention of high-quality faculty members, this project will add six additional chairs in our practice space, completing the build-out with a total of 13 operatories.

Delta Dental Research Laboratory

Research is critical to the school’s future success. We need to equip this new research suite with the equipment necessary to conduct research projects.


After many years of heavy use, our orthodontic chairs are in need of replacement. Replacing the chairs, provides us the opportunity to upgrade the plumbing and electrical connections in this space to align with increased capacity.

Coffee Counter

Students, faculty and staff of the school spend countless hours in our building, both studying and engaging in community outreach. A small counter, to provide beverages and light food service, would be a welcome addition to our building.