Student National Dental Association

Mission statement

SNDA is a student-run organization that is devoted toward serving our community as well as aiding in the advancement of minority students in the field of dentistry. We carry out our mission of service through several school-wide events including clinical Spanish classes and IMPRESSIONS programs the annual Oral Cancer Walk/Run and promoting community through our annual Clinic Wars.

2014 - 2015
President: Zazell Staheli
Vice President: Naana Mensah
Secretary:Silvia Bautista
Treasurer: Sara Walton
Activities Chair: Salley Sladek
Community Service Chairs: Mina Fahmy

Class Representative;

2015: Sara Walton, Lauren Murray
2016: Shawn Thomas, Melinda Fried
2017: Amanda Castillo, Margret Ordonez
2018: Natalie Tomas, Carl Kirsch