Frequently Asked Questions re COVID-19 pandemic

When will the school reopen?

The exact date is unknown but we anticipate a phased, carefully planned approach that will comply with federal and state orders. It is likely we will open one or two clinical areas at a time and gradually expand as the infection control protocols are refined and implemented.

Will the Sim Lab open before the clinics?

This is possible as it will not require patients to be in the school or produce potentially infectious aerosol spray. Any screening and social distancing requirements will be strictly adhered to and appropriate PPEs will be provided. We are researching the availability and reliability of testing.

Will there be enough room in the Sim lab to conduct classes if there is a restriction on the number of people who can congregate?

We anticipate that initially the Sim Lab will be open only to a smaller group of D4s who need to complete some additional experiences. As we open the Sim Lab to our D1 and D2 classes, the limitations on the number of people who can congregate will require a creative scheduling process. This may require a staggered schedule and/or some laboratory experiences to be conducted outside of the Sim Lab.

Will all lectures be online during the summer?

Didactic courses for D1 and D2 classes will begin on May 26th as planned and will be delivered online until further notice. Please monitor your e-mails for information from Course Directors regarding these regularly scheduled summer courses.

Will courses be PASS/NOT PASS during the summer?

The curriculum committee met on May 13th and decided that all letter-graded courses will be mandatory PASS/NOT PASS in the summer. The rationale for this decision was that didactic courses for the foreseeable future will continue online and study/testing environments for students will not significantly change.

How can I plan to get back to Milwaukee to start the summer semester? How much advance notice will I be given?

Our goal was to re-open the Sim Lab on May 26th. Regrettably we know now that this will not happen. We are also unsure when we will be able to re-open for patient care, but we are working with the University and the City of Milwaukee to get approval for both the reopening of the Sim Lab and the clinics. We will let you know as soon as we receive direction from the University. In the coming weeks, you will learn more about the enhanced infection control protocols for the clinics.

Will I need to be quarantined if I fly?

We have been informed that quarantining for 14 days will not be necessary as there is now wide community spread across the country.

Students, faculty, staff and patients will be required to have symptom screening and temperature checks before being allowed into the school. All students, faculty, staff and patients will be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing at all times when in the building.

Infection control protocols for specific areas of the school are currently under development.

How will we make up lost clinic time?

As soon as we are able to reopen the clinics we will develop a schedule to accommodate any social distancing orders in place at the time. This might include extended clinic hours or working on Saturdays.

Likewise, we may extend the summer session into the August break.

How will we reschedule our patients?

Once we know when we can open the clinic, critical staff will be identified and asked to return in advance of our reopening date to help with rescheduling patients.

Who will take care of the patients previously assigned to the D4s?

Some may be taken care of by D4s who will be continuing with their program, but most will be reassigned to D3s based on the recommendations of the Group Leaders and the complexity of the treatment required.

What happens if my patient has an emergency?

Patients of record are being treated in the ACC by faculty and dedicated staff members. Emergency hours are offered each day and this will continue until we resume normal clinical operations. Loss of a temporary is considered an emergency and patients will be scheduled for re-cementation.

What kind of PPE will be required?

PPE requirements will be based on the recommendations of the CDC at the time of reopening and will likely be dependent on the type of procedure being performed. For example, an N95 mask will not be required for an asymptomatic COVID negative patient examination/screening.

Do we have enough PPE?

We are currently investigating all avenues for the purchase of appropriate PPE. Our primary goal is to keep our students, patients, faculty and staff safe. We will only reopen certain areas of the clinic if we know we have enough PPE to meet this goal.

Will we have a break in the summer?

The University has decided to observe the Gift of Time during the week June 29 – July 3. In light of this confirmation, the dental school will move the break initially scheduled for July 13 - 17 to June 29 - July 3 in order to align with the University.

When will the Fall semester begin and end?

The University is currently deliberating whether to start the Fall semester early either on August 24th or 26th. The rationale for this is an anticipated second wave of the virus which is expected to crest at the end of November. Students would then not return from Thanksgiving break. Even if the University adopts this strategy it is unclear if the dental school will be required to follow suit.

Will I get a refund for tuition if the clinics or Sim Lab are closed for an extended period?

There is no tuition charged for the summer semester so there will be no tuition refund.

When will graduation ceremonies occur for the D4s?

Graduation ceremonies for the University are currently scheduled for the weekend of August 29/30, 2020. A hooding ceremony for the School of Dentistry is being tentatively planned for August 29th at Gesu Church. Commencement will be held at the Fiserv Forum on Sunday August 30th. The format for commencement will be different this year in that as the individual undergraduate programs will not be holding separate ceremonies, the names of each graduate will read during the event.

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