Dental School Dean's Fund

A gift to the Dental School Dean’s Fund provides Dean Lobb with unrestricted funds to meet the school’s most pressing and often unbudgeted needs, like discounted care for underserved patients, technology upgrades, equipment replacement and innovative research. Secure in the knowledge that 100% of your gift stays within the Dental School, your generosity provides the school the flexibility to meet future needs.

Community Outreach

Last year, our clinics treated a population in desperate need of quality dental care: more than 27,000 patients through over 94,000 individual patient visits. Reaching patients in 64 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, we treated over 6,700 Medicaid patients in our Milwaukee clinics alone. Your gift can help keep these clinics open, accessible and well-equipped.

Technology Upgrades and Equipment Replacement

Recent support helped secure over a half-million dollars in critical technology upgrades, including the completion of a digital radiography system, the purchase of additional high-speed hand pieces and upgraded dental lights, among many other items. Future support will ensure we continue to teach students and treat patients using the most up-to-date technology.

Research & Innovation

Developments in dental and craniofacial research have led to significant improvements in dental care and patient health. With our recent expansion, our Dental School now has an innovative research facility that allows our faculty, residents and students to participate in the exciting journey of discovery.

How can I donate? 

  1. Visit the online donation form
  2. Enter the amount you wish to give.
  3. Choose "Dental School Dean's Fund" from the "Designation" drop-down menu and click "Add donation"
  4. Enter gift details.
  5. Click "Continue" to proceed towards payment page.


Dan O'Brien
Director of Development
School of Dentistry
Phone: (414) 288-0595