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Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters


190- S. Ahangarzadeh, M. M. Kanafi, S. Hosseinzadeh, M. Barati, A. Mokhtarzadeh, J. Ranjbari, L. Tayebi
Bicyclic peptides: types, synthesis and applications
Drug Discovery Today
, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.drudis.2019.05.008 (2019)


189- S. Chavoshi, M. Rabiee, M. Rafizadeh, N. Rabiee, A. S. Shamsabadi, M. Bagherzadeh, R. Salarian, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
Mathematical modeling of drug release from biodegradable polymeric microneedles
Bio-Design and Manufacturing, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42242-019-00041-y (2019)


188- T. R. Schneider, R. H. Tafreshi, A. T. Perez, L. Tayebi. D. Lobner
Effect of dental composite resin monomers on dental pulp cells
Dental Materials Journal, doi:10.4012/dmj.2018-163 (2019)


187- F. Fahimipour, E. Dashtimoghadama, M. M. Hasani-Sadrabadi, J. Vargasa, D.Vashaee, D. C. Lobner, T. S. Jafarzadeh Kashi, B. Ghasemzadeh, L. Tayebi
Enhancing cell seeding and osteogenesis of MSCs on 3D printed scaffolds through injectable BMP2 immobilized ECM-Mimetic gel
Dental Materials
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dental.2019.04.004 (2019)


186- M.Tahriri, M.Del Monico, A. Moghanian, M. Tavakkoli Yaraki, R.Torres, A.Yadegari, L.Tayebi
Graphene and its derivatives: Opportunities and challenges in dentistry
Materials Science and Engineering: C https://doi.org/10.1016/j.msec.2019.04.051(2019)


185- S. Hajebi, N. Rabiee, M. Bagherzadeh, S. Ahmadi, M. Rabiee, H. Roghani-Mamaqani, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi, M. R. Hamblin
Stimulus-Responsive Polymeric Nanogels as Smart Drug Delivery System
Acta Biomaterialia, (Accepted 2019)


184- T. R. Schneider, R. H. Tafreshi, A. T. Perez, L. Tayebi. D. Lobner
Effect of dental composite resin monomers on dental pulp cells
Dental Materials Journal, doi:10.4012/dmj.2018-163

183- M. Rasoulianboroujeni, F. Fahimipour, P. Shah, K. Khoshroo, M. Tahriri, H. Eslami, A. Yadegari, E. Dashtimoghadam, L. Tayebi
Development of 3D Printed PLGA/TiO2 Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
Materials Science and Engineering: C, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.msec.2018.10.077 (2019)


182- A. A. Nagavi-alhoseiny, M. Torshabi, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, L. Tayebi, F. Sadat Tabatabaei
Effect of sodium chloride on gene expression of Streptococcus mutans and zeta potential of demineralized dentin
Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research, DOI: 10.1016/j.jobcr.2018.08.002 (2019)


181- A. Alizadeh, A. Razmjou, M. Ghaedi, R. Jannesar, F. Tabatabaei, V. Pezeshkpour, L. Tayebi
Culture of dental pulp stem cells on nanoporous alumina substrates modified by carbon nanotubes
International Journal of Nanomedicine (Accepted 2019)


180- K. Abdolmohammadia, F. Dadgar Pakdel, H. Aghaei, S. Assadiasl, Y. Fatahi, N. H. Rouzbahani, A. Rezaiemanesh, M. Soleimani, L. Tayebi, M. H. Nicknam
Ankylosing spondylitis and mesenchymal stromal/stem cell therapy: A new therapeutic approach Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Journal Volume 109, Pages 1196-1205,
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biopha.2018.10.137 (2019)


179- Mathematical modeling of oxygen transfer in porous scaffolds for stem cell growth: the effects of porosity, cell type, scaffold architecture and cell distribution
S. Atashrouz, A. Hatampoor, A. Yadegari, H. Ghasemi, L. Tayebi, M. Rasoulianboroujeni
Materials Chemistry and Physics, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matchemphys.2018.10.016 (2019)


178- M. Zavvar, S. Assadiasl, N. Soleimanifar, F. D. Pakdel, K. Abdolmohammadi, Y. Fatahi, M. Abdolmaleki, H. Baghdadi, L. Tayebi and M. H. Nicknam
Gene Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Strategies to Select Therapeutic Genes
Journal Cellular Physiology, doi: 10.1002/jcp.28392


177- H. Behboudi, G. Mehdipour, N. Safari, M. Pourmadadi, A. Saei, M. Omidi, L. Tayebi and M. Rahmandoust
Carbon Quantum Dots in Nanobiotechnology,
Book chapter in “Nanomaterials for Advanced Biological Applications, Advanced Structured Materials” pp 145-179, Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 104), publisher © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019



176- 3D-Printed membrane as an alternative to amniotic membrane for ocular surface/conjunctival defect reconstruction: An in vitro & in vivo study
S. Dehghani, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, H. Ghasemi, S. H. Keshel, Z. Nozarian, M. N. Hashemian, M. Zarei-Ghanavati, G. Latifi, R. Ghaffari, Z. Cui, H. Ye, L. Tayebi
Biomaterials, Vol. 174, Pages 95-112, (2018), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biomaterials.2018.05.013


175- M. Rasoulianboroujeni, N. Kiaie, F. S. Tabatabaei, A. Yadegari, F. Fahimipour, K. Khoshroo, L. Tayebi
Dual Porosity Protein-based Scaffolds with Enhanced Cell Infiltration and Proliferation
Scientific Reports, 8, Article number: 14889 (2018)


174- M. Maroulakos, G. Kamperos; L. Tayebi; D.Halazonetis; R. Yijin
Application of 3D printing on craniofacial bone repair: a systematic review
Journal of Dentistry, pii: S0300-5712(18)30640-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jdent.2018.11.004.


173- F. Zare, R. Jannesar, M. Ghaedi, L. Tayebi
Dispersive liquid‐liquid microextraction based on the solidification of floating organic droplets for preconcentration of amino acids in human plasma samples
Separation Science plus (SSC plus), https://doi.org/10.1002/sscp.201800075

172- M. Razavi, M. Fathi, O. Savabi, L. Tayebi, D. Vashaee
Improvement of in vitro behavior of an Mg alloy using a nanostructured composite bioceramic coating,
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 29(11):159. doi: 10.1007/s10856-018-6170-19 (2018)


171- Z. Metalwalaa, K. Khoshroo, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, M. Tahriri, A. Johnson, J. Baeten, F. Fahimipour, M. Ibrahim, L. Tayebi
Rheological properties of contemporary nanohybrid dental resin composites: The influence of preheating
Polymer Testing, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.polymertesting.2018.10.013 (2018)

170- H. E. Jazayeri, S. Kang, R. M. Masri, L. Kuhn, F. Fahimipour, R. Vanevenhoven, G. Thompson, M. Gheisarifar, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
Advancements in Craniofacial Prosthesis Fabrication: A Narrative Review of Holistic Treatment
The Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics, (Accepted, 2018)


169- Karimi, E. Salahinejad, E. Sharifi, A. Nourian, L. Tayebi,
Bioperformance of chitosan/fluoride-doped diopside nanocomposite coatings deposited on medical stainless steel
Carbohydrate Polymers, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.carbpol.2018.09.022 (2018)


168- S. Shahmoradi, H. Golzar, M. Hashemi, V. Mansouri, M. Omidi, F. Yazdian, A. Yadegari, L. Tayebi
Optimizing the nanostructure of graphene oxide/silver/arginine for effective wound healing
Nanotechnology, doi: 10.1088/1361-6528/aadedc. (2018)

167- V. R. Pothineni, M. B. Parekh, M. M. Babar, A. Ambati, P. Maguire, M. Inayathullah, K. Kim, L. Tayebi, H. SK Potula, J. Rajadas
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of cephalosporins for the treatment of Lyme disease
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol. 2018:12 Pages 2915-2921
DOI https://doi.org/10.2147/DDDT.S164966 (2018)


166- S. A. A. Najafabadi, P. Shirazaki, A. Z. Kharazi, J. Varshosaz, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
Evaluation of Sustained Ciprofloxacin Release of Biodegradable Electrospun Gelatin/Poly (Glycerol Sebacate) Mat Membranes for Wound Dressing Applications
Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, (Accepted 2018)


165- R. Akbarzadeh, Me Ghaedi , S. N. Kokhdan , R. Jannesar , F. Sadeghfar, F. Sadri, L. Tayebi
Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage, Photocatalytical and Antibacterial Activity of Fe-Ag Bimetallic Nanoparticles Supported on TiO2 Nanowires
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 43, Issue 39, 27 September 2018, Pages 18316-18329, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2018.07.175


164- F. Barandehfard, M. Kianpour Rad, A. Hosseinnia, A. Rashidi, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
The Evaluation of the Mechanical Characteristics of the Synthesized Glass-Ionomer Cements (GICs): The Effect of Hydroxyapatite and Fluorapatite Nanoparticles and Glass Powders
Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, (Accepted 2018)


163- A. Vafajoo, A. Rostami, S. F. Parsa, R.Salarian, N. Rabiee, G, Rabiee, M. Rabiee, M. Tahriri D. Vashaee, L. Tayebi, M. R. Hamblin
Multiplexed microarrays based on optically encoded microbeads
Biomed Microdevices, 20: 66. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10544-018-0314-4 (2018)


162- H. Golzar, F.Yazdian, M. Hashemi, Meisam Omidi, D. Mohammadrezaei, H. Rashedi,. M. Farahani, N. Ghasemi, J. Shabani Shayehe and L. Tayebi
Optimizing the hybrid nanostructure of Q1 functionalized reduced graphene oxide/silver for highly efficient cancer nanotherapy
New Journal of Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/C8NJ01764F (2018)


161- A. Vafajoo, A. Rostami, S. Foroutan Parsa, R. Salarian, N. Rabiee, G. Rabiee, M. Rabiee, M. Tahriri, D. Vashaee, L. Tayebi, M. R. Hamblin
Early Diagnosis of Disease Using Microbead Array Technology: A Review
Analytica Chimica Acta, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aca.2018.05.011 (2018)

160- R. Masaeli, K. Zandsalimi, L. Tayebi
Biomaterials Evaluation: Conceptual Refinements and Practical Reforms
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, https://doi.org/10.1177/2168479018774320 (2018)


159- T. Almela, S.Al-Sahaf, I. M Brook, K. Khoshroo, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, F. Fahimipour, M. Tahriri, E. Dashtimoghadam, R. Bolt, L. Tayebi, K. Moharamzadeh
3D printed tissue engineered model for bone invasion of oral cancer
Tissue and Cell, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tice.2018.03.009, Vol. 52, Pages 71-77, (2018)


158- M. Del Monico, M. Thariri, H. Ghasemi, K. Ede, D. Vashaee, L. Tayebi
Cartilage and Facial Muscle Tissue Engineering and Regeneration: A Mini Review
Bio-Design and Manufacturing, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42242-018-0011-4 (2018)


157-H. Eslami, H. Azimi Lisar, T. S. Jafarzadeh Kashi, M. Tahriri, M. Ansari, T. Rafiei, F. Bastami, A. Shahin-Shamsabadi, F. M. Abbash, , L. Tayebi
Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)(PLGA)/TiO2 nanotube bioactive composite as a novel scaffold for bone tissue engineering: In vitro and in vivo studies
Biologicals, pii: S1045-1056(18)30041-1. doi: 10.1016/j.biologicals.2018.02.004 (2018)


156-D. Mohammadrezae, H. Golzar, M. Rezai Rad, Meisam Omidi, F. Yazdian, A. Khojasteh, L. Tayebi
In vitro effect of graphene structures as an osteoinductive factor in bone tissue engineering: A systematic review
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A, doi: 10.1002/jbm.a.36422.


155-P. Nikpoura, H. Salimi-Kenaria,.Farahnaz Fahimipour, S. M. Rabiee,M. Imanie, E. Dashtimoghadam, L. Tayebi
Dextran hydrogels incorporated with bioactive glass-ceramic:Nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Carbohydrate Polymers, 190 (2018) 281–294, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.carbpol.2018.02.083 (2018)


154-B. Farhadihosseinabadi, M.Farahani, T. Tayebi, A. Jafari, F. Biniazan, K. Modaresifar,H. Moravvej, S. Bahrami, H. Redl, L. Tayebi, H. Niknejad
Amniotic membrane and its epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells as an appropriate source for skin tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology (Accepted 2018)


153-L. E. Almeida., K. Hresko, A. Sorenson, S. Butcher, L. Tayebi, R. Leonardi, C. Loreto, Jose Bosio, F. Camejo, A. Doetzer
Immunohistochemical expression of TLR-4 in temporomandibular joint dysfunction
CRANIO®: The Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice

152-M. Sepantafar, H. Mohammadi, R. Maheronnaghsh, L. Tayebi, H. Baharvand
Single Phased Silicate-containing Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics: Promising Biomaterials for Periodontal Repair
Ceramics International, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2018.03.050, (2018)


151-S. Azizian, F. Khatami, K. Modaresifar, N. Mosaffa, H. Peirovi, L. Tayebi, S. Bahrami, H. Redl, H. Niknejad
Immunological compatibility status of placenta-derived stem cells is mediated by scaffold 3D structure
Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology, DOI: 10.1080/21691401.2018.1438452


150-Y. Ji, Seung K. Choi, A. S. Sultan, K. Chuncai, X. Lin, E. Dashtimoghadam, M. A. Melo, M. Weir, H. Xu, L. Tayebi, Z. Nie, D. A. Depireux, R. Masri
Nanomagnetic-mediated drug delivery for the treatment of dental disease
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.actbio.2017.10.040, (2018)


149-S.A. Ayati Najafabadi, H. Honarkar, M. Moghadam, V. Mirkhani, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi, UV Irradiation-H2O2 System as an Effective Combined Depolymerization Technique to Produce Oligosaccharides from Chitosan,
Bio-Design and Manufacturing, (Accepted 2018)


148- Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide on thermosensitive liposomes for photo-chemotherapy
Acta Biomaterialia, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.actbio.2017.10.040, Vol 65,Jan 2018, PP 376-392


147- R. Masaeli, K. Zandsalimi, Z. Lotfi, L. Tayebi
Using Enamel matrix derivative to improve treatment efficacy in periodontal furcation defects
Journal of Prosthodontics, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jopr.12753/full (2018)


146- L. E. Almeida, A. Sorenson, K. Hresko, S. Butcher, R. Leonardi, C. Loreto, J. Bosio, L. Tayebi, A. Doetzer
Immunohistochemical analysis of IL-1 Receptor 1 in the discs of patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction
CRANIO®: The Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice, 2018 Jan 12:1-6. doi: 10.1080/08869634.2017.1417765.


145- L Tayebi, M Rasoulianboroujeni, Z Cui, H Ye
3D-printed thick structured gelatin membrane for engineering of heterogeneous tissues
Materials Letters, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matlet.2018.01.032


144- L.Tayebi, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, Keyvan Moharamzadeh, T. K.D. Almela,
Zhanfeng Cui, Hua Ye
3D-printed membrane for guided tissue regeneration
Materials Science and Engineering: C, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.msec.2017.11.027


143- F. Heidari; M. Razavi; M. E Bahrololoom; M. Tahriri; L.Tayebi
Investigation of the mechanical properties and degradability of a modified chitosan-based scaffold
Materials Chemistry and Physics,Volume 204, 15 Jan. 2018, Pages 187–194,




142- F. Fahimipour, E. Dashtimoghadam, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, M. Yazdimamaghani, K. Khoshroo, M. Tahriri, A. Yadegari, J. A Gonzalez, D. Vashaee, D. C Lobner, T. S J. Kashi, L. Tayebi
Collagenous matrix supported by a 3D-printed scaffold for osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp cells
Dental Materials. pii: S0109-5641(17)30495-5. doi: 10.1016/j.dental.2017.10.001.(2017)


141-F. Heidari; M. Razavi; M. Zamai; M. Tahriri; L.Tayebi
A comparison between the properties of natural hydroxyapatite produced by cold isostatic pressing and spark plasma sintering techniques
Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, (Accepted 2017)


140-D. Bazrgari, F. Moztarzadeh, A.A. Sabbagh-Alvani, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
Mechanical Properties and Tribological Performance of Epoxy/Al2O3 Nanocomposite
Ceramics International, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.10.068 (2017)

139-F. Heidari, M. Razavi, M. E Bahrololoom, M. Yazdimamaghani, M. Tahriri, H. Kotturi, L.Tayebi
Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties, In vitro Biodegradabilityand Cytocompatibility of Natural Chitosan/Hydroxyapatite/Nano-Fe3O4 Composite
Ceramics International (Accepted 2017)

138- H. E.Jazayeri, M Rodriguez-Romeroa, M. Razavi, M. Tahriri, K. Ganjawalla, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, M H. Malekoshoaraie, K. Khoshroo, L. Tayebi
The Cross-Disciplinary Emergence of 3D Printed Bioceramic Scaffolds in Orthopedic Bioengineering
Ceramics International
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.09.095 (2017)

137- H.Nejat, M.Rabiee, R.Varshochian, M.Tahriri, H.E.Jazayeri, J.Rajadas, H.Yee, Z.Cui, L.Tayebi
Preparation and characterization of cardamom extract-loaded gelatin nanoparticles as effective targeted drug delivery system to treat glioblastoma
Reactive and Functional Polymers

136-Title: Development of electrochemical non-invasive glucose nanobiosensor using antioxidants as a novel mediator
S. Poursadeghian, M. Rabiee, H. R. Moshayedi, M. Karimi, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering (Accepted 2017)

135-Z. Davoudi, M. Rabiee, B. Houshmand, N. Eslahi, K. Khoshroo, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, M. Tahriri , L. Tayebi
Development of Chitosan/Gelatin/Keratin Composite Containing Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate as a Buccal Mucoadhesive Patch to Treat Desquamative Gingivitis
Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy,

134-N. Namvar, E. Salahinejad, A.H. Saberi, M. J. Baghjeghaz, L. Tayebi, D. Vashaeec
Toward reducing the formation temperature of diopside via wet-chemical synthesis routes using chloride precursors
Ceramics International,
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.07.094 (2017)

133-T. Byambadorj, E. Dashtimoghadam, M. Malakoutian, B. Davaji, L. Tayebi, J. Richie, C. Hoon Lee
On-chip detection of gel transition temperature using a novel micro-thermomechanical method
Plos One,

132- F. Fahimipour , M. Rasoulianboroujeni , E. Dashtimoghadam , K. Khoshroo , M. Tahriri , F. Bastami , D. Lobner , L. Tayebi
3D Printed TCP-based Scaffold Incorporating VEGF-Loaded PLGA Microspheres for Craniofacial Tissue Engineering
Dental Materials, (Accepted 2017)

131- W. Lee,S. Stover,M. Rasoulianboroujeni,K. Sherman,F. Fahimipour,E. Dashtimoghadam,C. Zito,H. Jazayeri,L. Tayebi,
The efficacy of commercial tooth storage media for maintaining the viability of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts
International Journal of Endodontics, DOI: 10.1111/iej.12798 (2017)

130- M. Tahriri, F. Moztarzadeh, A. Tahriri, H. Eslami, K. Khoshroo, H. E. Jazayeri, L. Tayebi
Evaluation of the in vitro biodegradation and biological behavior of PLGA/Nano-Fluorhydroxyapatite (FHA) composite microsphere-sintered scaffold for bone tissue engineering
Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers, Accepted 2017

129- P. Amdjadi, H. Nojehdehian, Farhood Najafi , Amir Ghasemi , Massoud Seifi, E. Dashtimoghadam , F. Fahimipour and L. Tayebi
Ultraviolet-induced surface grafting of octafluoropentyl methacrylate on polyether ether ketone for inducing antibiofilm properties
Journal of Biomaterials Applications, DOI: 10.1177/0885328217709609 (2017)

128- E. Salahinejad, R. Eslami-Farsani, L. Tayebi
Corrosion failure analysis of printed circuit boards exposed to H2S-containing humid environments
Engineering Failure Analysis,https://doi.org/10.1016/j.engfailanal.2017.05.038 (2017)

127- F. Nasiri Azad, M H Omidi; M. Ghaedi, M. H. Ahmadi Azqhandi, L. Tayebi
Synthesis and Characterization of Au-NPs Supported on Carbon Nanotubes: Application for the Ultrasound Assisted Removal of Radioactive UO22+ Ions Following Complexation with Arsenazo III: Spectrophotometric Detection, Optimization, Isotherm and Kinetic Study
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science,https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcis.2017.05.022 Vol 504, Pages 68–77 (2017)

126- S. Yazdanpanah, M. Rabiee, M. Tahriri, M. Abdolrahim, A. Rajab, H. E. Jazayeri and L. Tayebi
Evaluation of glycated albumin (GA) and GA/HbA1c ratio for diagnosis of diabetes and glycemic control: A comprehensive review
Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Pages 1-14 (2017), http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10408363.2017.1299684

125- T. Almela, I. Brook, K. Khoshroo, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, F. Fahimipour, M. Tahriri, E. Dashtimoghadam, A. El-Awa1, L. Tayebi, K. Moharamzadeh
Simulation of cortico-cancellous bone structure by 3D printing of bilayer calcium phosphate-based scaffolds
Bioprinting, Vol 6, Pages 1-7

124- M.D. Fahmy, B.Shah, J. Faldu, T. El-Bialy, H. E. Jazayeri, L. Tayebi,
Craniofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Tissue Engineering (Chapter 26)
Book Chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”,
Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

123- M. Yazdimamaghani, J. Gonzalez, L. Tayebi,
Vascularization (Chapter 22),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”,
Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

122- M. Seifi, P. Amdjadi, L. Tayebi
Pharmacological Agents for Bone Remodeling: An Experimental Approach (Chapter 28),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”,
Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

121- A. Yadegari, F. Fahimipour, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, E. Dashtimoghadarm, M. Omidi, H. Golzar, M. Tahriri, L. Tayebi
Specific Considerations in Scaffold Design for Oral Tissue Engineering (Chapter 10),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”,
Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

120- P. Amrollahi, F. Moghadam, L. Tayebi
Bioreactor Design for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering (Chapter 12),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

119- M. Omidi, A. Fatehinya, M. Farahani, Z. Akbari, S. Shahmoradi, F. Yazdian, M. Tahriri, K. Moharamzadeh, L. Tayebi, D. Vashaee.
Characterization of Biomaterials (Chapter 7),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

118- K. Moharamzadeh, L. Tayebi,
Introduction to Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering (Chapter 1)
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

117- M. Tahriri, R. Bader, W. Yao, S. Dehghani, K. Khoshroo, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, L. Tayebi
Bioactive Glasses and Calcium Phosphates (Chapter 2),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

116- J. Wirth, M. Tahriri, K. Khoshroo, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, A. R. Dentino, L. Tayebi
Surface Modification of Dental Implants (Chapter 6),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

115- M. Tahriri, R. Bader, R. Madrigal, K. Khoshroo, L. Tayebi
Stem Cells from Oral and Maxillofacial Tissues (Chapter 11),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

114- M. Tahriri, M. D. Fahmy, M. Rasoulianboroujeni, R. Bader, L.Tayebi
Growth Factors for Oral and Maxillofacial Regeneration Applications (Chapter 13),
Book chapter in “Biomaterials for Oral and Dental Tissue Engineering”, Publisher: Elsevier, Editor: Editor: Lobat Tayebi and Keyvan Moharamzadeh, ISBN: 9780081009611 (2017)

113- M.l Del Monico, M. Tahriri, Z. Nicholson, L. Tayebi
Facial Muscle Tissue Engineering (Chapter 21),
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