Marquette CIRCLES in Southern California

A panel discussion featuring Nicholas D'Agosto, Comm '02, Rondell Sheridan, Sp '80, and Ed Lantz

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Nicholas D’Agosto is an actor best known for his role on the television series Heroes. D’Agosto also has appeared on the TV show The Office and in the film Election. Rondell Sheridan is an actor, director and comedian best known for his role in the Disney Channel sitcom That’s So Raven. Ed Lantz is president and chief technology officer of Vortex Immersion Media Inc., a company on the cutting edge of immersive art and entertainment technologies.


The panel was moderated by Dr. Lori Bergen, dean of Marquette's J. William and Mary Diederich College of Communication. The panel discussed the future of the entertainment industry and the role of Jesuit values in the arts.


CIRCLES: This lecture was part of CIRCLES, an innovative business networking program that connects Marquette University alumni with people doing business in fields such as health care, finance, journalism and real estate.

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