COMPASS Peer Mentor Program


What is the COMPASS Peer Mentor Program?

COMPASS (Community Of Marquette Peers Advising + Supporting Students) is a peer mentor program in ODS for students with disabilities. Mentors offer support, guidance, and leadership through developing a meaningful personal relationship with their mentees.

Mentors and mentees will communicate and meet on a regular basis, to assist mentees with:

  • Developing self-advocacy skills; understanding their disability & accommodations in a collegiate environment
  • Navigating Marquette & managing expectations of college
  • Exploring resources to support personal and academic success
  • Instill a sense of belonging and validation

Program information for MENTEES 

Program information for MENTORS 


General FAQ

How are mentors and mentees matched?

Mentors and mentees may be matched by major, accommodations utilized, or with no preference, depending on the response on their submitted applications. Matches are based on best fit for mentor and mentee, determined by ODS staff. Students will be notified of their match near the start of Fall semester.

How often do mentors and mentees meet and communicate?

Mentors and mentees must meet in person or virtually at least once per month, and communicate via phone or email twice per month, outside of the week they meet in person/virtually.

How long will I be matched with my mentee/mentor?

The mentor-mentee pairing will last through the academic year (August-May)

If mentors or mentees ever feel that the mentor program no longer meets their needs, they are to notify Lauren Accola, coordinator of the COMPASS mentor program, in writing of their desire to withdraw.


Contact Lauren Accola at or 414-288-1645.