COMPASS Mentee Information


What are the benefits of participating in COMPASS as a mentee?

            As mentees, students will be able to…

  • Get advice and guidance from a knowledgeable upperclassman also registered with ODS on classes, campus life, academic resources, and more;
  • Integrate more effectively into college life, both socially and academically, and feel more secure in their role as a college student with a disability;
  • Cultivate a trusting relationship with someone who can provide support, listen, and offer helpful insight.


Who is eligible to be a mentee?

  • Mentees must be registered with ODS
    • (Supporting documentation received and approved by ODS at time of application)
  • Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, grads
    • Grad student mentees will be paired with a grad student mentor

How can I participate?

Complete a COMPASS mentee application by 8/1/2020

Applications submitted after 8/1 will be considered based on mentor availability.


Mentee responsibilities:

  • Attend the "Meet Your Match" Party Friday, 8/28
  • Communicate with mentor at least twice per month, via text, email, or in person;
  • Meet in-person with mentor at least once per month (1 hr minimum);
  • Attend an individual check-in meeting with Lauren Accola (coordinator of COMPASS program)
  • Notify Lauren of any concerns with mentor


For more FAQ about the COMPASS Peer Mentor program, please visit the COMPASS homepage.



Contact Lauren Accola at or 414-288-1645.