COMPASS Mentor Information


What are the benefits of participating in COMPASS as a mentor?

            As mentors, students will be able to…

  • Share their knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned;
  • Enhance their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills;
  • Embody Marquette’s mission of being “men and women for and with others” by fostering an inclusive community and leading through serving others.

How can I participate as a Mentor?


1. Complete a COMPASS mentor application.

Applications are due Sunday, February 16th for 2020-2021 program participation

2. Interviews will be conducted in late February

3. Mentors must attend a one-day training workshop on Thursday, August 27th, and the "Meet Your Match" Party on Friday, August 28th.

What should I know about being a COMPASS mentor before applying?

Mentor responsibilities:

  • Communicate with mentee at least twice per month, via text, email, or in person;
  • Meet in-person with mentee at least once per month (1 hr minimum);
  • Attend group mentor meetings 2x per semester
  • An Individual check-in meeting with Lauren Accola (coordinator of COMPASS program) once per month
  • Notify Lauren of any concerns with mentee

A successful COMPASS mentor is:

  • Caring & considerate
  • Reliable & responsive
  • Demonstrates good judgement
  • Expresses empathy and understanding
  • A great listener
  • A respectful and respected leader

What sort of things can/should I do with my mentee?

Time with your mentee should be more meaningful than a casual hangout. Mentors are expected to check in with their mentees on various topics that are determined at the monthly group mentor meeting. Based on the interests and goals of the mentee, mentors should feel free to hang out and chat informally at a coffee shop, attend a campus event, or explore Milwaukee. Some examples of on- and off-campus activities include: Visiting the Haggerty Art Museum, grabbing lunch at a restaurant in the Third Ward, or doing course work together at a coffee shop.

By spending time together exploring Marquette and Milwaukee, mentors help their mentees feel comfortable in and familiar with their surroundings, and become a trusted source of insight and guidance.

Will I be compensated for being a mentor?

At this time, mentors are not compensated monetarily, but it is a great experience and addition to a resume!


For more FAQ about the COMPASS Peer Mentor program, please visit the COMPASS homepage.


Contact Lauren Accola at or 414-288-1645.