Economic Planning


Marquette University Economic Planning

Confronted with significant economic challenges, Marquette University — like so many universities across the nation — is adapting and preparing for its future. Read more about higher ed challenges.

Impacted by a global pandemic, demographic shifts and stark economic realities, Marquette faces significant financial shortfalls in the current and upcoming years as a result of lower enrollment, flat tuition and increasing financial aid.

The university’s temporary mitigating actions, including merit suspension, 403(b) suspension, leadership pay decreases and discretionary spend reductions are simply not sustainable. To truly address the challenges ahead and position Marquette for a strong future, the university must thoughtfully and strategically identify more permanent solutions. The university must align its strategic plan and its finite resources with the realities we face at Marquette and in higher education. Only then can we ensure Marquette maintains our commitment to academic and research excellence and continues to be a leader in Catholic, Jesuit education.

This website serves as a central location for information related to the university's continued strategic and economic planning.

"We have to deal with the reality that we are facing. And like the original Jesuits, who walked with one foot raised, we to have to adapt for a successful future. Marquette is an amazing 140-year-old institution. We are all called to ensure that it continues to provide a transformational education for students for decades to come." —President Michael R. Lovell (Sept. 28, 2020)

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The spread of misinformation is common in times of extraordinary change. Read the facts rather than the rumors about the university's current financial status and its ranking among other AJCU institutions. Learn more about the realities of Marquette's current finances and rankings.

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University-wide collaboration, innovation and Ignatian discernment will be key to planning for Marquette's successful future. The university has developed workstreams and work groups in eight key areas across campus to create a path to structural, strategic change. Learn more about these workstreams and work groups.

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Marquette President Michael R. Lovell and his leadership team have been forecasting and addressing higher education headwinds in conversations with the campus community as well as media.