Drs. Mary Carlson, Doris Walker-Dalhouse and Colleagues Win Explorer Challenge Grant

Dr. Mary Carlson, Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse, Dr. Amy van Hecke (Psychology), and Ms. Wendy Krueger (Speech-Language Pathology) have been awarded a 2018 Explorer Challenge Grant through the Office of Research and Innovation. The $25,000 award allows for the creation of the Marquette Interdisciplinary Autism Initiative (IAI) as an effort to unite autism research, services, educational training, and community outreach across campus and the community, via faculty, staff, student, and community agency involvement. IAI's goal is to meet the needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families through four primary objectives:

  • interdisciplinary research
  • interdisciplinary services
  • inter-professional ASD Education for undergraduate and graduate students
  • ASD outreach to connect with stakeholders and support the community both internal and external to Marquette University.

In addition, Dr. Terry Young from the College of Education will assist with diagnosing individuals.